A coronavirus infection chain related to young people, can be connected to five infections in Kalajoki

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The tracing of the infection chain has proceeded and the authorities have further clarified the events. There are currently 5 positive cases during this week related to the chain and 42 people have been placed in quarantine.

None of the patients have been in contact teaching at school during the time of infection and no school exposures have occurred.

There is currently no need for any changes in the organization of teaching.


We appeal to young people aged 13-18 to be aware of the increased risk associated with these new infections.

On the weekends of January, leisure time activities and other meetings for young people have been organized in Kalajoki. The chain, which is now being traced, may possibly have led from these events.

We urge you to monitor young people for possible coronavirus symptoms and request that persons with even minor symptoms will get tested.

If young people or their families have any information about possible sources of infection, please contact your school health care or school nurse, for example through the Wilma system.


We hope that families will discuss the need for responsible behaviour during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Parents need to be aware of the leisure activities of children and young people and with whom they spend their time with.
  • It is very important that children and young people tell honestly if they have been in a situation where it has been possible to become infected.
  • Corona virus can affect people of all age groups.
  • The coronavirus can be spread by any individual, even though they themselves may be symptom free, they can unknowingly spread the virus to someone close to them. This could cause serious or even life-threatening illness to someone close to them.


The current situation in Kalajoki must be taken seriously.

  • Quarantined individuals may not meet persons other than those living in the same household.
  • A person in quarantine may not go to school, hobbies, trade, etc.
  • Visitors must not come to the quarantined household.
  • Persons in quarantine shall not meet each other.
  • If you have even minor symptoms, avoid meeting anyone and apply for a test immediately.


A reminder of gathering restrictions.

  • By decision of the Northern Ostrobothnia Regional State Administrative Agency, events of more than 10 people may not be organized.
  • Due to the chain of infection, no gatherings of any kind should be held at this time.


The current restrictions will continue until further notice and the situation is being constantly monitored. Please be aware that restrictions can change quickly if the situation becomes more difficult.