Pullopostia, viestinnän välineitä on useita.

The role of the City of Kalajoki’s communications is to actively provide information on the city’s operations and facilitate the interaction between the city, the residents of the municipality and other interest groups. Communications and marketing are also used for influencing the image of the City of Kalajoki and the pursuit of the city’s strategic goals.

The city’s communications are led and monitored by the City Board in accordance with the Local Government Act. In practice, communications are decentralised to various services, and each service has its own communications officer and communications plan.

Communications and marketing for the city as a whole are managed centrally. The communications and marketing coordinator coordinates and develops the city’s overall communications, in addition to supporting and providing advice to the communications officers of the various services. The main policies and strategic goals for communications are decided by the communications team.

Tourism marketing in Kalajoki is managed by Kalajoki Tourism Association.

Communication channels

The city utilises a range of communication channels and tools in its communications. The main communication channels are:

  • the city’s website
  • social media channels
  • press releases, information meetings and meetings for residents
  • newsletters
  • the city’s brochures and publications
  • local papers

Check the news section on the city’s website to see the latest press releases, news and announcements. Most of the news and announcements are only available in Finnish, but some press releases will also be translated. You can also receive news by subscribing to RSS feeds. Various services also use newsletters. You can subscribe to the newsletters of different themes on each service’s own web page.