Images of the city of Kalajoki for non-commercial use can be requested from the communications and marketing coordinator. The source must be mentioned when using the images. Communications personnel will provide more detailed instructions.

For example:
City of Kalajoki / Name of photographer


All videos produced by the City of Kalajoki can be found on the city’s YouTube channel. Playlists related to the city have also been compiled to the channel.

Five-Star living

In October 2019 we have published a new video about our town and its services. This video you will see from here

Welcome to Kalajoki

The video serves as an introduction video to the city of Kalajoki. The video calls attention to Kalajoki’s comfortable living environment, the diversity of the business structure, the range of opportunities for physical activity and the city’s active life. The video was compiled from existing materials in late 2015. The video’s duration is 2 minutes and 45 seconds and it was compiled by Avecen.

The video is available on the City of Kalajoki’s YouTube channel. If necessary, you can get the video on a memory stick from the communications and marketing coordinator.