Graphic guidelines have been prepared for the City of Kalajoki. These guidelines define the connections in which the Kalajoki logo and the Kalajoki coat of arms may be used as well as their proper use.

The purpose of the uniform graphic design is to represent the city’s characteristics, strengthen the city’s image and function as a tool in the consistent management of the visual look. In addition to other graphic elements, the guidelines also include detailed instructions on when and how the Kalajoki logo and coat of arms may be used. The Kalajoki logo has been used in communications of the Kalajoki brand since the early 2000s. The logo was updated in 2012.


Kalajoki logo

The Kalajoki logo is a blue and orange square with a wave-like pattern that depicts sand dunes and the sea. The logo is used in all communications of the City of Kalajoki, from news to announcements and advertising.

Kalajoki-tunnusta käytetään kaikessa Kalajoen kaupungin viestinnässä






The Kalajoki logo may also be used in the joint marketing and regional marketing of Kalajoki tourism. The logo must always be used for appropriate purposes in which the context of use is known and compatible with Kalajoki’s image.

The logo may not be adapted or changed in any way. The four-colour version of the logo should always be used. No colour variations of the logo may be ordered or made.

The protection area of the logo should preferably be a minimum of 4 mm of free space around the logo, but when using a larger version of the logo, the protection area increases in proportion to the logo. The practical guideline is that the protection area must be at least a distance the size of the letters in ‘Kalajoki’ from the edges of the logo in every direction. Adding something on top of the logo is not allowed. The use of the logo at a width less than 15 mm is not recommended. Whenever possible, the logo should always be placed against a white background.

You can download the Kalajoki logo via the file attachments on the left. If you have any questions pertaining to the use of the logo, please contact communications.


Kalajoki coat of arms

The Kalajoki coat of arms is reserved for official and ceremonial purposes of use. External actors require permission for using the coat of arms. The use of the coat of arms is decided by the Mayor.

Mayor Jukka Puoskari
Tel. + 358 44 4691 200

Kalajoen vaakunassa on kultakentässä sininen, kasimastoinen kaljaasi






The logo depicts the independent maritime transport operations pursued by residents of this seaside municipality as well as the Himanka port and anchorage that have been well-known since the old days.

When Kalajoki and Himanka merged at the beginning of 2010, the broader city of Kalajoki area adopted the coat of arms of the former municipality of Himanka. The coat of arms was designed by Artist Gustaf von Numers in 1958. The coat of arms features a blue galleass with two masts on a golden field.