Strategy refers to a consistent pattern, plan and intentionally decided direction of operations that directs decisions and operations. The purpose of a strategy is to try and anticipate the future and increase the municipality’s chances of managing in an operational environment that holds more and more uncertainties.

Municipal strategy

At its simplest, a municipal strategy is understood as the common thread in the municipality’s operations or its road towards the desired future. At its best, a municipal strategy is embraced as a specific way of thinking, which is reflected in the municipality’s decision-making processes and everyday operations.

Municipalities operate amidst constant and increasingly accelerating change. Municipalities must be able to prepare for changes in a consistent manner – strategic leadership is the backbone of change leadership. The municipality can also direct future development with planned and intelligent solutions and choices. This helps the municipality prepare for threats in the operational environment and seize opportunities, recognise its own weaknesses and develop its strengths.

Strategy of Kalajoki

The City of Kalajoki’s strategy is based on the following idea: ‘With its seaside nature and river valleys, the sunny Kalajoki offers a comfortable living environment, a wide range of services and opportunities for entrepreneurship, work and a good life in compliance with the principles of sustainable development.’