Municipalities in Finland have self-government. They have the statutory right to decide on their own matters and govern themselves. The highest authority in Kalajoki is the City Council, which decides on the city’s most important financial matters and the organisation of government.

The City Council delegates its power to other organs, such as the City Board, committees, management teams and office-holders.

Committees and management teams direct and develop the operations of the government offices and institutions under their charge.

The organisation of elected bodies, i.e. the City Council, City Board, committees and management teams, makes decisions and provides guidance.

The residents of Kalajoki can influence the handling of matters through city councillors and other elected officials. Residents can also contact the official in charge of the matter directly.

The city’s senior management comprises the mayor, persons in charge of services, persons in charge of service areas, and other supervisors.

Persons in charge of services are responsible for the matters of all committees, government offices and institutions that belong to their service area.

The administrative service areas of persons in charge of services are:

  • administrative services
  • development services
  • welfare services
  • technical services

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