Kalajoen kaupungintalo ulkoapäin

As a safety measure, the City Hall is temporarily closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Using email and telephone services is recommended. All meetings should be agreed in advance with the specialists in question. Documents for all locations can be submitted by delivering them in an envelope with the recipient’s name to the white mailbox outside the City Hall.

The switchboard is available though the number +358 (0)8 46 911, Mon–Thu 8 am–4 pm, Fri 8 am–3 pm. Advisory and guidance services and printing services are available from libraries, read more about official services here (in Finnish).


Technical services
Welfare Services
Entrepreneurship and moving
Administrative services
Kalajoki rental housing
Services of the Virastotalo office building
Koppeli building’s services
The City’s contact information search

Technical services

Building supervision

  • To book an appointment, call: +358 (0)44 4691 428 or +358 (0)44 4691 890
  • More information on the website of building control
  • 24/7 e-services in official matters lupapiste.fi
  • Meetings with the Building Supervisor without appointment booking at Himanka service office on Fridays 9 am–11 am

Environmental control

Planning and land use

Municipal engineering

  • Client meetings by appointment.
    • Municipal Engineer +358 (0)44 4691 217
    • Municipal Engineering Foreman +358 (0)44 4691 416
    • Maintenance Work Foreman +358 (0)40 673 9789
    • Planning Officer of Municipal Engineering +358 (0)44 4691 367
  • More information on the website of municipal engineering.

Facility services

  • Client meetings by appointment.
    • Property Manager +358 (0)44 4691 271
  • On-call property services +358 (0)44 4691 346

Catering and cleaning services

  • Client meetings by appointment.
    • Cleaning Supervisor +358 (0)44 4691 244
    • Catering Services Manager +358 (0)44 4691 318

Welfare services

Early childhood education

Osviitta mental health and substance abuse services

  • Osviitta offices are located at the City Hall, 2nd floor.
  • More information about Osviitta’s services and opening hours is available here.

Kalajoki Academy, sports and culture services

Client meetings with Kalajoki Academy by appointment.

Development services

Business services

Services for people and companies moving to Kalajoki

Plot sales

Administrative services

Kalajoki Rental Apartments

  • Tel. +358 (0)44 4691 325, service hours Mon–Fri 9:30 am–11:00 am.
  • Client meetings primarily by appointment, call to book an appointment or send email to toimisto@kvas.fi.
  • More information: kvas.fi.

Virastotalo agencies (office building across the City Hall)

Rural services

  • Rural services are on the 2nd floor of Virastotalo.
  • Contact the employees by phone or email, contact information and additional information from the website of rural services.

Farm relief worker services

  • Farm relief worker services are on the 2nd floor of Virastotalo.
  • Client meetings without an appointment. Contact information is available here.

Environmental health care

Koppeli, Kalajoentie 6

Social and healthcare services

  • Maternity and child health services, 2nd floor
  • Services for families and children, 1st floor
  • Social services, 1st floor