The City of Kalajoki awards funding on a discretionary basis to non-profit communities and organisations as well as private individuals. The city’s general funding guidelines have been prepared for awarding funding.

The City of Kalajoki grants funding to operations carried out for the benefit of the residents of Kalajoki. Funding is primarily granted to communities and organisations operating in the area of the city of Kalajoki. Funding may be granted to applicants that do not operate solely in Kalajoki if a significant portion of the operations take place in the Kalajoki area or otherwise for the benefit of the residents of Kalajoki.

Criteria for granting funding

The primary criteria for granting funding are the non-profit nature, scope and effectiveness of the operations for which funding is applied and the applicant’s need for funding. Funding will not be granted for operations that are purely political or religious. When considering applications, the city favours operations that reduce the need for services produced by the city itself, therefore reducing the city’s expenses.

The examination of grounds also affects the amount of funding granted. In addition to and instead of granting financial assistance, the city may also purchase services from the community or organisation on a case-by-case basis.

Applying for funding

Funding is publicly announced available for application every spring in the manner decided by the City Council. Administrative services are in charge of making the announcements.

Applications for funding must be submitted together with the community or organisation’s action plan as well as its annual report and financial statement from the previous year.

Funding decisions

The City Council apportions funding to each service area in its budget.

The committees decide on the allocation of funding related to their area of operations annually within the scope of the funding apportioned to them. The committees have also been instructed to take into consideration that they may receive funding applications during the year from applicants that could not have been reasonably expected to apply for funding by the announced deadline.

The City Board only handles the funding applications that fall within the scope of their own area of operations. In unclear cases, the Mayor decides whether the application will be handled by a committee or the City Board.

All decisions on the allocation of funding are communicated to the City Board.