The City of Kalajoki receives approximately 30,000 purchase invoices and sends out approximately 40,000 sales invoices per year. We request that purchase invoices be sent primarily in electronic form, and we provide electronic sales invoices.

Electronic purchase invoices expedite the processing of invoices, making it more efficient and reducing the number of mistakes. Electronic sales invoices are a secure, easy and environmentally friendly invoicing method,

Invoices addressed to the city

Our business ID is 0185924-7.

E-invoice EDI code and address.

organization e-invoice address
EDI code: 003701859247
Our e-voice operator: CGI Suomi Oy
Operator code: 003703575029

We request that you check that our contact information is correct when sending invoices.

Supplier portal

The City of Kalajoki is offering its business and private individual suppliers who cannot send their invoices electronically a free, web-based supplier portal. The supplier portal is an electronic invoicing channel that can be used to send e-invoices to the City of Kalajoki.

You can send invoicing invite requests to The invoicing invite request must state the following information on businesses: company name, business ID and contact person as well as an e-mail address where the company wishes to receive their invoicing invite. Private individuals must provide their name and e-mail address. After this, you will receive a user ID and password from to the e-mail address you specified in the request.

Instructions on using the supplier portal

Link to the supplier portal

The invoices must absolutely include the office or service area of the customer ordering the goods or service and the name of the customer as a reference.

Invoices sent by the city

The City of Kalajoki provides electronic sales invoices. The e-invoice is a secure, easy and environmentally friendly invoice. All invoices of the City of Kalajoki can be received as e-invoices, with the exception of invoicing for dental care services.

Private individuals can sign an e-invoice agreement in their online bank. To prepare the agreement, you will need the reference number on the invoice sent by the City of Kalajoki. This way, you will be able to receive all invoices from the City of Kalajoki as e-invoices. If a customer does not have access to e-invoicing or has not signed a direct payment agreement, invoices will be sent by mail.

In addition to being paid online, invoices from the City of Kalajoki can also be paid at the city’s Main Library and the Himanka joint service point.


Companies that receive invoices via their own financial management system can inform the City of Kalajoki of their e-invoicing address and operator by e-mailing

Direct payments

The option of direct payments is provided to customers who do not have access to online banking. You can use direct payments after signing a direct payment agreement in your bank. You will then receive a notification of the date and amount of the direct payment by mail. The amount payable is charged from your account automatically.