Corona virus bulletin 18.5.2021

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There are two possible exposure places: Halpa-Halli and Tokmanni 12.5. and bus line from Rautio to Kalajoki. Please read the details from the article.

Possible exposure locations

  1. Halpa-Halli and Tokmanni, Kalajoki on Wednesday 12.5. at 10-11.30.
    If you have been in above mentioned places during those hours, please follow your well-being and if you have any symptoms related to corona virus, please go to the covid-19 test.
  2. Oulaisten liikenne bus line from Rautio to Kalajoki, leaving at 9.35 from Rautio on Tuesday 11.5. and Wednesday 12.5.

If you know that you have been in one of these buses and have not been contacted yet by the health officers and ordered to quarantine, please stay in self-quarantine and contact the health center’s reception. The phone number is 044 4691 502.

Contacting exposed people

The ones exposed earlier have been mapped and contacted on Monday and Tuesday. Some of them have not been reached. At the moment there are 200 people ordered to be quarantined and 600 people are self-quarantined.

If you know that you have been exposed and not have been contacted, please call the health center’s reception, phone number is 044 4691502.

How to win the fight

We appeal to all parents at Kalajoki: please make sure that your children’s self-quarantines and quarantines are followed and that they do not meet any of their friends and class mates, even not the ones who are also quarantined. They should not meet any other people but the ones living in the same household. This is the only way we can stop the virus from spreading!

Even if there are a lot of exposed people, the amount of covid-19 positive persons is still small. There were no new infections found on Tuesday. If the quarantines are followed now, we might be able to stop the virus from spreading and have a shot for a quite normal summer.