Coronavirus infection in Kalajoki

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Updated news 27.11.2020

According to the Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL), a new and fifth confirmed coronavirus case has been reported in Kalajoki on Thursday 26th of November. Of the other previously confirmed cases, three were reported during the earlier stage of the epidemic. In addition to the earlier three, one case has been reported erroneously and one suspected case is awaiting verification from a second test. All potential exposures have been located and placed in quarantine. All infection chains have been identified.

The latest coronavirus infection in the Kalajoki region has exceeded the publicity threshold (5 or more cases). The coronavirus cases in the THL statistics are reported based on the hometown of the infected even if the person does not live in Kalajoki.

People with respiratory tract infection symptoms should get tested for coronavirus. It is extremely important that people do not go to work, school or day-care if they are sick or have even mild symptoms.

The coronavirus epidemic in Northern Ostrobothnia is in the acceleration phase. The situation in Kalajoki is relatively calm. For this to continue, it is of the utmost importance that everyone acts responsibly and follows the given recommendations. Coronavirus is currently spreading within families and through work trips.

Remember to:

  • Wear face masks in public spaces
  • Work remotely, if possible
  • Avoid all unnecessary travel
  • Avoid public events and other gatherings
  • Postpone private events
  • Follow good hand, coughing and sneezing hygiene in all situations

Additional information:

Acting Chief Physician Mervi Manninen,
Mayor Jukka Puoskari,