Coronavirus testing

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Here you can find information how the corona virus testing is organized in Kalajoki.

On weekdays

  • At the infection clinic in the health center in Kalajoki on weekdays during opening hours
  • to book an appointment, call: +358(0)44 4691 502

During evenings and on weekends

  • Joint emergency services of Soite, the joint municipal authority of social and healthcare services in Central Ostrobothnia, tel. 116117, coronavirus helpline, tel. +358 (0)6 828 7499
  • Oulaskangas emergency on-call services, tel. 116117. If you are coming in only for COVID-19 testing, please call +358(0)8 315 7575 well in advance before coming in.
  • Joint emergency services of Oulu University Hospital, tel. +358(0)8 315 2655

More information about getting a coronavirus test

  • You must always book a testing appointment in advance, tel. +358(0)44 4691502. Always contact our healthcare services first by phone!
  •  If you have been exposed to coronavirus, get tested even if you only have mild symptoms.
  • A healthcare professional will assess the necessity of testing you over the phone call and will then give you more detailed instructions.
  • The services are available on weekdays, tel. +358(0)44 4691 502
    • on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8.00 am–3.30 pm
    • on Wednesday 8.30am – 3.30 pm
    • on Friday 8.00 am–2.30 pm, tel.

Reporting test results

All people giving a positive COVID-19 sample in Kalajoki will be notified of the result by phone, also on weekends. A negative test result will not be reported separately; you can monitor when your results are ready via the Kanta service or get results by calling the health station a few days after the sample was taken.

If your coronavirus test was taken elsewhere, the unit in question is responsible for notifying you of the results. Healthcare personnel in Kalajoki will be informed of all the positive COVID-19 results in Kalajoki and will contact the infected patients by phone.

Positive results of tourists and visitors will be reported to the doctor in charge of epidemiology in their home municipality, and the contact tracing will be carried out in cooperation with the tourist’s home municipality.

The purpose of the phone calls is to

  1. trace the infection chains and prevent the spread of the disease. The phone calls aim to review all the people the person with a COVID-19 infection may have come in close contact with, after which the potentially exposed persons will then also be contacted by phone.
  2. The exposed persons are instructed to quarantine at home.

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is vital that you answer any calls from phone numbers starting with 044 4691 so that everyone potentially exposed to the coronavirus infection can be contacted!