Diverse Kalajoki

Kalajoki is a diverse city of seaside nature and river valleys that provides a comfortable living environment and a wide range of services.

Planning and other land use enable the development of the city and help create a durable, interesting and welcoming urban structure. The city seeks to utilise the seaside environment and river valleys in land use planning.

Welfare services support the well-being, functional capacity, growth and learning of the residents by providing customer-oriented and timely services that are also economical and of high quality. Welfare services are in charge of early childhood education, education and social and health services.

If you are considering building your own home or vacation home, please see our available seaside plots, located near sports and outdoor recreation facilities and services.

We want to serve our customers with sunny smiles year-round. You can influence and participate in the city’s decision-making process in various ways.

Give feedback directly via the Give feedback link that can be found on every page or go through more official channels. By using the Give feedback link, your feedback will be forwarded to the person in charge of the service in question.

Live and enjoy yourself in our comfortable city of river valleys by the sea!

Enjoy, participate and influence

Enjoy, participate and influence

The sea, river valleys, vast open fields and the sand dunes of Hiekkasärkät provide a diverse and beautiful environment to live, work, be active and enjoy leisure activities in.

Are you thinking about where to go, what to do and whether you would like to participate and influence?

The city maintains a number of outdoor recreation areas and sports facilities and provides opportunities for a range of activities.

The city is always bustling with events. The event calendar is constantly being updated with new events. Seize the opportunity and let us know of your events.

Kalajoki Academy is a unit of the City of Kalajoki that is in charge of the city’s leisure activities, basic education in art, and sports institute and culture academy operations.

Find out more about the range of recreation and sports services available. The library provides the residents of the city with equal opportunities for education, enjoyment of literature and art, continuous development of knowledge, skills and the capability to be a contributing member of society, as well as internationalisation and lifelong learning.

Cultural services promote the equal opportunities of the residents of the municipality to experience and produce art and culture, be refreshed mentally, gain experiences and participate in stimulating activities.

At youth services, we provide means for a good life, support in everyday life and assistance in coping.

‘It is wonderful that we can be proud of our home town! Many things here are better by a point!’ Quote from the thoughts of a resident in the Kannattaa olla kalajokinen (Benefits of Living in Kalajoki) campaign.