Catering and cleaning services work seamlessly together by utilising the competence and work hours of their employees, organising shared training courses and joint procurements and investing in the well-being of their staff.

The catering and cleaning services comprise two service units:

  • catering services
  • cleaning services

Catering services

The City of Kalajoki’s catering services stand as support services for the City’s other services. The most important duty of the catering services is to provide a high-quality, safe and cost-efficient meal for each of their customer groups. The highly competent staff plans and prepares the meals with a customer-oriented approach, using safe first-class ingredients. The national nutrition recommendations are the basis for our meal plans. The services prepare around 2,700 lunches per day.

The services are provided to the clients, pupils and personnel of daycare centres, family group daycare centres, schools, the in-patient ward at the health station, the senior centre, service centre and housing units. The services also prepare meal service dishes, which are delivered to elderly clients at their homes, promoting their ability to continue living at home.

The City of Kalajoki also has a central kitchen, Merta, which is in charge of meal services of daycare operations, schools, the elderly, activity centres and housing service units as well as for producing the meal services delivered to clients at home. The kitchens of two schools, three daycare centres, the service centre and the senior centre operate as service kitchens, where the personnel manage the clients’ meal services. A distribution kitchen operates in two school kitchens, employing the staff members of catering and cleaning services.

Cleaning services

Cleaning services are support services that provide the city’s locations with maintenance and basic cleaning services.

In total, the area to be cleaned comprises around 42,000 m², mostly consisting of the premises of schools, offices, daycare centres, the social security office and housing service units. Their objective is to bring comfort and safety to the premises’ users and maintain the buildings’ value and condition.
The central service duties are maintenance and basic cleaning services, which are carried out based on the extent of the cleaning services ordered.

Our goal is an economical and purposeful level of cleanliness in the different types of premises to be cleaned.