The aim of school club activities is to provide diverse recreational activities that support children and young people’s growth and become a fixed part of their afternoons during the school year and school years. Club activities are voluntary to pupils. Every school year, club activities have included various sports, crafts, music, cooking clubs, chess and French lessons.

In addition to club activities, pupils can also engage in a range of physical activities during breaks at all schools. The facility is open to pupils during breaks and PE classes and to everyone on evenings and weekends. A sports park is being built in Merenoja to supplement the opportunities for physical activity.

Kalajoki Academy is in charge of arranging school club activities in cooperation with the schools.

Student body

The student body plays a key role in the activities of the lower and upper years. They support and develop pupil participation in the development of the schools’ operations. The student body encourages and guides pupils to take responsibility in the handling of common matters and increases their comfort at school. This includes promoting the recreational activities available to pupils. A student body comprises all of the pupils at the school, and representatives are chosen from among them for the student government.