The aim of support for learning and coping, as well as guidance counselling, is to assist children and young people in achieving their learning goals and to support their growth and development.

The forms of support can be divided into educational support and pupil welfare support. Guidance counselling is provided by guidance counsellors, class tutors, principals, head teachers and teachers.

Special education

The purpose of special education is to assist pupils with any difficulties they may have with learning and school attendance. The three levels of support for learning and school attendance are:

  • general support
  • intensified support
  • special support

General support is provided immediately when a pupil is found to be in need of support, and no special examinations or decisions are required to start the support. If a pupil is in need of more regular and long-term learning support, a learning plan will be prepared for the pupil in accordance with intensified support. Special support is provided to pupils who cannot otherwise achieve their goals for growth, development and learning. A personal study plan is prepared for the student (HOJKS). There are small classes at Merenoja Comprehensive School and Raumankari Comprehensive School.

Social worker services

Social workers work at schools as part of multidisciplinary pupil welfare services, providing guidance and support as well as crisis counselling to pupils, their guardians and the school community as necessary. The school social worker provides assistance in matters relating to pupils’ school attendance, friendships, life changes, development, situations at home and upbringing. You can contact the school social worker by phone or e-mail.

If necessary, always contact your school’s own social worker first. For more information, visit the schools’ pages on