Learning support can be divided into educational support and student welfare support.

Guidance counselling

The role of guidance counselling is to support learning, provide guidance in the planning of further studies and choosing a career. Particular attention is paid to learning- to-learn skills and the study technique. Guidance counselling includes two mandatory courses that are completed at different stages of the upper secondary school studies.

Giving presentations at the upper secondary school on available fields of study and visiting universities of applied sciences, universities and other relevant locations, such as the STUDIA Education Fair, play a key role in guidance counselling.

Students can always seek personal counselling regarding their studies when necessary. This counselling is provided by guidance counsellors, teachers, class tutors and the principal. Services by the special needs teacher are also available to students.

Social worker services

Social worker services are intended for upper secondary school students and students in secondary level vocational training in Kalajoki.

The social worker works at the school as part of multidisciplinary student welfare services, providing guidance and support, as well as crisis counselling to students, their guardians and the school community as necessary. The social worker provides assistance in the student’s learning, social interactions, life changes and matters related to development.

If necessary, always contact the upper secondary school’s own school social worker first.