At Kalajoki Upper Secondary School, students can participate in instructor-led morning training twice a week. Morning training lasts for two lessons at a time.

These activities started with an ice hockey group in autumn 2007. Morning training is provided in the form of instructor-led groups that include ice hockey, playing in a band, football and horse riding. Artistic gymnastics was added as a new form of morning training in autumn 2015.

Morning training is arranged to fit into the students’ timetable. The upper secondary school has modern and great training facilities for the morning training activities: an ice hall and a gym as well as indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Students from Kalajoki Vocational College also participate in the training.

The diverse morning training activities are visible in the daily life and celebrations of the upper secondary school. For example, Vanhojen päivä, a formal dance for upper secondary school seniors, is an impressive mixture of music, dance, theatre and visual arts. Morning training plays a key role in the provision of physical and cultural training that is adequate in terms of quantity and quality.