Students at the upper secondary school can specialise in visual arts by participating in the visual arts study module. Kalajoki Upper Secondary School also offers instructor-led morning training in theatre and drama, theatrical expression, dance and music (band) twice a week. The studies are provided in cooperation with Kalajoki Academy.

Drama and theatre

  • Studies in drama and theatre provide students with a good foundation for continuing on to vocational studies in the field while also providing building blocks for the students’ ability to be themselves, take others into consideration, empathise with others and work in a group.

Theatrical expression

  • In basic training in theatrical expression, the content of the morning training varies from preparing performances to familiarisation with the work of actors and directors.


  • During the school year, students are introduced to various dances and styles according to their own interest. A dance performance is produced during the school year.

Music (band)

  • The band group’s training comprises a wide range of popular music styles. The necessary music theory is learned as part of making music. The group is open to students who sing or play a band instrument.

Visual arts

  • Students can specialize in visual arts by participating in the visual arts study module. The range of courses available in visual arts is extensive and varied and planned so that students can complete up to 20 courses in visual arts. The courses are interspersed evenly throughout the studies.