The available sports groups include

Ice hockey

  • The ice hockey group makes it possible for students to train effectively alongside their studies. In addition to the instructor-led morning training, students can also participate in training sessions of the ice hockey team JHT in the evenings and afternoons. The ice hall is located within the school grounds at the Merenoja Sports Centre.


  • The athletics group is a good opportunity for young athletes to intensify their training under the supervision of a professional athletics coach while studying in upper secondary school.

Artistic gymnastics

  • Morning training in artistic gymnastics started in autumn 2015. Morning training includes stretches and training in a variety of gymnastic moves on various equipment. The training is carried out in cooperation with and in the facilities of the club KaNV, which specialises in the sport.


  • The instructor-led training sessions of the skiing group are held on the skiing tracks of Merenoja Sports Centre and Kalajoki Ski Centre. In the autumn, skiers have the opportunity to use ski tracks prepared with snowmaking equipment. The sports ground and sports hall are located in the immediate vicinity of the upper secondary school.


  • Young people interested in volleyball have the opportunity to continue their training while studying in the upper secondary school. In addition to traditional volleyball, the opportunities for beach volley have also increased strongly at Kalajoki Tourist Centre in recent years. Club activities available in Kalajoki and nearby cities provide great opportunities for more advanced volleyball players. Morning training in volleyball has been offered at the upper secondary school for almost 10 years.


  • Floorball training sessions focus on developing the players’ individual skills and physical qualities. In recent years, the sport’s popularity has also increased rapidly among students studying in the upper secondary school.

Horse riding

  • The upper secondary school’s morning training groups have included horse riding since autumn 2010. Training is held at the riding arena located in the vicinity of the Kalajoki race track, under the supervision of a riding instructor. The stables nearby offer full-service horse boarding and horses that students can ride.

Morning training sessions are carried out in cooperation with Kalajoki Academy. Students of Kalajoki Vocational College also have the opportunity to participate in the training.