In addition to teamwork skills, studying at upper secondary school also requires a great deal of independent study, active participation by the students and well-organised guidance counselling. Students have the opportunity to build their own personal study plan that best fits their plans for the future, interests and other aspects of their situation in life.

The curriculum of Kalajoki Upper Secondary School emphasises functionality, being active and the development of the student’s own thinking. The school offers a wide range of elective courses, which allows students to direct their studies according to their own interests and needs.

The role of guidance counselling is to support learning, provide guidance in the planning of further studies and choosing a career. Particular attention is paid to learning- to-learn skills and the study technique. Students can always seek personal counselling in relation to their studies when necessary. This counselling is provided by teachers, class tutors, guidance counsellors and the principal.

Specialisation studies available at Kalajoki Upper Secondary School include culture, sports and internationality. If they wish, students can complete upper secondary school diplomas in different fields.

Every year, the upper secondary school carries out a variety of projects with Finnish and foreign cooperation partners that students are welcome to participate in if they wish. A joint project week is held every year with JEDU’s Kalajoki Vocational College and Kalajoki Christian College. For the project week, students can choose a course from the educational institutions’ joint course catalogue.

The students choose 1–2 students per each year level for the upper secondary school’s student body association. The student body president also participates in the meetings of the school board.

The school nurses, special needs teacher and school social worker are available to the students.

When necessary, the upper secondary school assists students coming to attend the school from outside Kalajoki in finding an apartment. Students can apply to KELA for financial support for studies, housing and school transport.