Feel-good April

Kalajoki’s units of early childhood education will be having a Feel-good April.

The goal of this themed month is to help children practise good manners, emotional self-regulation and emotional skills. At the same time, we want to increase everyone’s awareness of these skills and emphasise their importance in school and life.


During April, the skills will be practised in early childhood education units in a manner suitable for the children’s level of development. The groups will discuss what good manners mean, practise friendship skills and learn how to express emotions in an appropriate manner.


The ‘secret agents’ working in early childhood education will ‘spy’ on the children and ‘catch’ them in the act of doing good deeds. Good deeds will be written on stars, which will be presented in a Gallery of Good Deeds at Kalajoki Main Library in May. Following the principles of positive pedagogics, we will focus on supporting children’s actions by looking for strengths.


We will support the work done by parents and guardians by offering information and guidance on the subject with articles and announcements. Parents and guardians are always welcome to discuss early childhood education with the staff.


The campaign involves the entire staff of Kalajoki’s early childhood education provision. School social workers and a psychologist of the family counselling centre are also contributing to the campaign.


We challenge all adults to participate in Feel-good April and set a good example to children by having good manners and exercising emotional self-regulation.


More information:

Elisa Tikkanen
Instructor of early childhood education
Tel. +358 (0) 44 4691 848