Thanks to Kalajoki’s location between land and sea, the nature there is diverse and beautiful. The Rahja Archipelago in particular boasts a unique and diverse landscape. The Kalajoki sandbanks feature a long sandy beach with dunes. The Kalajoki River is lined with vast open fields and a rural landscape of cultural and historical significance.

Groundwater areas in Kalajoki

Kalajoki has many groundwater areas of good quality, and they cover a total of 37.3 km2.

Class 1 groundwater areas:

  • Hollanti
  • Huimamäki
  • Kourinkangas A
  • Kourinkangas B
  • Kurikkala I A
  • Kurikkala II
  • Rahja

Natura 2000 areas in Kalajoki:

  • Lestijoki River
  • Maakannuskarinlahti and the estuary of Viirretjoki River
  • Rahja Archipelago
  • Vainionhaka
  • Maristonpakat
  • Siiponjoki River
  • The estuary of Kalajoki River
  • Jäkäläneva
  • Vihas-Keihäslahti

Everyman’s rights

Everyman’s rights are extensive in Finland, which is why nature excursions and recreational use of nature are popular pastimes. Everyman’s rights provide everyone with the chance to explore nature by foot, skis or bicycle as well as camping for a short period. Boating, swimming, washing in natural waters and moving on ice is also allowed. Berries and mushrooms may be picked.

Travelling through yards or cultivated fields is not allowed. Littering is forbidden, as is making camp too close to residential areas. Trees may not be felled or harmed. Mosses, lichens and withered or fallen trees may not be collected. Fishing and hunting are subject to permits, with the exception of angling and ice fishing.