Let’s prepare a growth path for your company!

When you plan to develop your company or when your company is facing a special transition, our experts can assist you with the following, among other things

  • planning business growth
  • updating your business operations
  • obtaining funding for investments and development measures, and preparing calculations
  • planning productisation, commercialisation, funding and market testing
  • developing marketing and customer accounts
  • planning and implementing growth in productivity
  • brainstorming for and revising your business idea
  • profit and financial planning
  • examining alternative solutions to problem situations
  • organising training events and meetings.

We can provide assistance in various matters, from the development of production and services to company-specific LEAN projects. We can assist companies with various standards related to management, environment, safety and production. Among other things, we have assisted companies in the development of the following management systems:

  • Quality management 9001
  • The Construction Quality Association (RALA)
  • Environmental management 14001
  • Occupational health and safety 18001
  • CE marking for structural steel & aluminium fabricators 1090
  • Quality requirements for welding 3834

We organise training sessions, coaching and meetings in the Kalajoki region and on a wider scale with our cooperation network.

Our services are available in Finnish and English.

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