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Farm relief worker services for agricultural entrepreneurs

Farm relief worker services are intended for agricultural entrepreneurs and their family members who have taken out compulsory insurance in accordance with the Farmers’ Pensions Act (MYEL) or who have a pending application with the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela.

Farm relief worker services are only available for animal husbandry within the scope of the Agricultural Income Tax Act. Agricultural entrepreneurs must regularly participate in the necessary care of the domestic animals by performing their own assigned duties in order to have the right to apply for relief worker services.

Right to annual leave 26 days/person/year
Subsidised help available for up to 120 hours/person/year
Relief worker services are also available in the event of sickness or maternity, paternity or child care leave

Relief worker services for fur producers

Relief worker services are available to fur producers who are covered by pension insurance for entrepreneurs (YEL) or farmers (MYEL).

Entrepreneurs involved in fur production who are covered by MYEL apply for relief worker services in accordance with the Farm Relief Services Act (LPL). The benefits for entrepreneurs covered by MYEL and the process for applying for the services are described on the other pages pertaining to relief worker services.

Fur producers who have taken out YEL insurance and who are covered by the Act on the Taxation of Business Profits and Income from Professional Activity (EVL) can apply for relief worker services in accordance with the Act on Relief Worker Services for Fur Producers (LTL).

Fur farmer’s right to annual leave 18 days/person/year
Additional leave available for up to 120 hours/person/year