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Join the success as an entrepreneur at five-star Kalajoki!

Kalajoki offers magnificent all-year-round possibilities for businesses, big or small, in all industries. The vitality of the Kalajoki region has been boosted and will continue to be boosted by investments summing up to almost a billion euros.

For entrepreneurs in the travel and wellness business we offer a spectacular setting, beautiful nature and enthusiastic networks for cooperation. We also provide an increasing amount of possibilities for businesses in the manufacturing, energy, logistics, construction, property, retail and service industries.

We have space for new companies and business ideas, as well as provide great possibilities for businesses looking for growth or re-location.

Tell us your business dream or plan for growth. We’ll help you set up your business or re-locate to five-star Kalajoki!

Growth possibilities at Kalajoki

New, enticing possibilities for entrepreneurs

Is it your dream to start a travel business, or is it the property industry that interests you? Would you like to serve customers in a new restaurant or boutique? Do you already own a successful business, but are looking for possibilities of growth? Does your company need office space or business premises?

The ongoing projects at and around Kalajoki are constantly bringing in new inhabitants and travellers – possibly looking for services of your company! The upcoming investments in the tourist centre, the Kalajoki deep-water harbour and the city centre sum up to 600 million euros.

The new shopping centres and ongoing construction of maritime neighbourhoods in Kalajoki offer intriguing possibilities for many types of businesses. The construction site of the Fennovoima power plant creates jobs and contract work for many and naturally brings along workers who need services. 

Kalajoki has vast possibilities for entrepreneurs and business growth!

Fennovoima – unique working and contracting possibilities for companies

New, maritime Marina by the Sand Dunes tourist region

Business premises or a building plot at Kalajoki?

Find your perfect business space, production space, storage, office or corporate building plot at Kalajoki

The Kalajoki city centre and the Hiekkasärkät Sand Dunes both have free business and office space, for a variety of purposes. The new, maritime Marina also offers premises for wellness or retail companies, for example.

For businesses that need more space and workforce, we have free commercial plots as well as industrial space and storage buildings. We’re also ready to help you with any workforce availability or recruiting issues. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what your business needs! We’ll help you find the best business space or lot for your company.

Free business premises at Kalajoki

Vacant commercial plots at Kalajoki

Kalajoki business counselling

Business counselling will answer all of your questions!

Kalajoki Business counselling helps you with any issues around setting up a company or finding the perfect space for your business. With our help you’ll find the where to invest, who to collaborate with, and where to find the right kind of talent or business premises.

We’re happy to help both new and existing companies with e.g. funding and business development. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll help you with any questions you might have!

Contact our business counsellor: esa.marjakangas@kalajoki.fi

City of Kalajoki financial aid for businesses

Kalajoki supports new companies

In 2018, the City of Kalajoki offers up to 1840 euros in aid to companies that are resident in Kalajoki.

The aid may be granted for training, product development, creating a website or other marketing material, or billboards. Applying for the aid is open as long as the annual budget allows.

What a valuable reason to come to Kalajoki with your business!

Living in Kalajoki?

Five-star living and free time by the ocean as a bonus

If you’re not yet a Kalajoki citizen – welcome!

Kalajoki offers great plots and housing by the sea, in the city centre, in the peace and quiet of the countryside or in the idyllic old town. In your free time, there’s no need to go any further, with your own seashore and services nearby. In Kalajoki, it’s a short trip to the golf course or water park after your working day. Kalajoki offers five-star living by the sea to its residents and hard working entrepreneurs!

Questions about living or housing in Kalajoki? Contact anne.tullila@kalajoki.fi

Mover’s guide

Wonderful free time in the famous Sand Dunes

Plots for sale

Contact us!

Setting up a business or re-locating to Kalajoki?

Contact us and we’ll tell you more about business opportunities at Kalajoki. For the success of your company – choose five-star Kalajoki!

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Director of Economic Development
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