A study on the appeal of Finnish regional cities shows that Kalajoki is one of the top regional cities in terms of public image, recognisability, appeal and holding power.


The study on the appeal of Finnish regional cities focuses on the recognisability, image and appeal of 55 cities. A regional city is a city that is the centre of its economic area but not the centre of the entire region. There are over 920,000 people living in Finland’s regional cities. The study was conducted through electronic data collection in January 2019 by Innolink.


Kalajoki was ranked high


Kalajoki achieved an excellent score in all the indicator categories used in the study. As for image and recognisability, Kalajoki placed second, after Rauma. In terms of recognisability and image, which together form the positive reputation of a city, both Kalajoki and Rauma reached the top four, which were set clearly apart from the 51 other cities. In the entity that measured the external and internal appeal indexes and the vitality index, Kalajoki placed third.


The study measured both internal and external appeal factors. Kalajoki reached the top three in both categories. According to people living elsewhere, Kalajoki’s tourism selection, services and recreational and cultural activities were considered Kalajoki’s advantages, while Kalajoki residents also focused on the living environment.


Strengths and areas for improvement


Kalajoki was one of the strongest cities in terms of holding power, meaning that residents would be happy to choose Kalajoki as their place of residence again. The strengths listed by Kalajoki residents are safety, services, nature and a wide range of recreational opportunities. Kalajoki, which is known for its positive approach towards entrepreneurs, was perceived as a diverse and encouraging city that opens up opportunities for businesses. Residents considered the Hiekkasärkät sand dunes and diverse services, the sea and the nature as advantages for a strong tourism image.


For future areas of improvement, residents focused particularly on the development of the city centre, as well as the development and maintenance of services from health care services to commercial services and schools.


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