Latest updates on COVID-19 measures 31 May 2021

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Here you can find some updated information about vaccinations and new location of the infection clinic.


The current vaccination rate is around one thousand vaccines per week. The vaccination coverage of persons aged over 16 years is already 59.7% in Kalajoki. 1,280 people have been given a booster dose.

As of 7 June 2021, vaccines will be offered at the Merenoja Comprehensive School (Pohjankyläntie 6). Vaccines are given in the school’s main lobby/dining hall (entrance A, from the Pohjankyläntie side).

You may park your car by the bus stop in front of the school while getting vaccinated. If you have a disabled badge, you can park in front of the main entrance. There is also a car park next to the gym, in the corner of Lankilantie and Pohjankyläntie. The school is within walking distance from the city centre. Follow the signposts on the school premises.

Wear a t-shirt or a long-sleeved shirt that is easy to take off.

More information about corona virus vaccination can be found here: Covid-19 vaccination.

Infection clinic in Kalajoki

The infection clinic has changed location. The new address is Tohtorintie 4. The clinic is located at the end of the C wing of the Kalajoki Health Centre inpatient ward. The entrance is on the Tohtorintie side of the building, close to the playground. The infection clinic in Himanka is no longer open. Himanka only provides non-urgent consultation by appointment and waiting list management. With the exception of emergency cases, patients must always book an appointment by calling +358 44 4691 502.