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Basic education in art is provided as art education outside of the school. The education is primarily provided for children and young people as goal-oriented teaching in various fields of art, progressing from one level to another. Through basic education in art, students improve their skills of self-expression and the skill set required to continue on to further studies in the field of art in question. As a general rule, the studies do not require the students to possess special talent in the field of art in question.

Kalajoki Adult Education Centre offers basic art education in four fields: visual arts, theatre, dance and music.

Students receive a certificate for completing their basic education in art after completing 500 lessons.


Taito Craft School

Taito Craft School offers basic art education in crafts. The groups meet during the school year. The craft school does not meet during school holidays. The craft school is held at the former Jokisuu School at the address Raahentie 1. For more information on Taito Craft School, see the link Taito Central Ostrobothnia in the right sidebar.