Rules and regulations

Joki Libraries consist of the libraries in Alavieska, Haapajärvi, Haapavesi, Kalajoki, Kärsämäki, Merijärvi, Nivala, Oulainen, Pyhäjärvi, Pyhäntä, Reisjärvi, Sievi, Siikalatva and Ylivieska.

The client is committed to following the library rules as well as the changes concerning them when he deals with the library, receives the library card or consents to be the person in charge.

There are specific instructions concerning the use of the various equipment found in the libraries. These instructions can be found on the websites of the libraries.

The information on the opening hours as well as on the timetables of the mobile libraries in Haapajärvi, Haapavesi, Kalajoki, Nivala, Pyhäjärvi, Sievi and Ylivieska can be found in the libraries and on the homepages as well as on Joki Web Library at

The right of the municipality to set the rules of the library is based on the Public Libraries Act. The library rules are valid from May 5, 2021 on.

The information on the fees as well as on the loan periods and loan restrictions can be found in the library rules.

Library is open for all of us

The collections, services and customer premises are available for all who follow the rules.

The use of the library materials, borrowing and reserving books as well as guidance and giving advice are free of charge. In some of the libraries there are various premises which can be booked by local residents, organizations and associations.

There are computers to be used by the customers as well as free wireless Internet. The library is not responsible for any problems or possible damage caused by the equipment or the use of the free wireless Internet.

Library card and PIN code

Library card

To be able to make a loan you need a personal library card. The client gets the library card after filling in the application form. The information is then saved in the register of clients. The client or his representative must show his photo ID card. Furthermore, he must give his social security number as well as his contact information. To get the library card a 14-year old and younger needs a written consent from the legal guardian. It is possible for day care centres, schools, firms or other societies to get a community card. To get the community card, the library needs the contact details of the community and the signature of the person in charge.

The first library card is free of charge. The same library card can be used in every Joki library.

The client is responsible for the materials he borrows. In case the material has been borrowed using the library card of a person under 15 years of age, it is the guardian who is responsible for the material. In case of the community card, it is the community who is responsible for using the card.

If you lose your library card or if your name or contact information is changed, you must inform one of the Joki Libraries about the change immediately. This concerns the persons in charge as well. In case of the community card, it is the community who is responsible for the use of the card.

PIN code

When using some of the services of the library, eg. renewing loans in the Web Library or using self-service libraries, you need a library card with a PIN code. The client gets the PIN code by showing the library card or proving his identity. The PIN code is not delivered through e-mail or phone.

User’s data protection

Joki Libraries share the same client register. They have the right to use the social security number in their client register (Data Protection Act 1050/2018, 4§ and 29§). The client has the right to check what information there is about him in the database of the library (Data Protection Act 2016/679 articles 13-18).

The personal data of the clients as well as their loan history are not delivered to outsiders. The register and data protection regulations are found on the websites of the Joki Libraries.

Borrowing and returning

You need a library card to get material from the library. You can have it on your phone as well as a mobile card.

There are both physical and electronic materials available to be borrowed in the library. The library does not take responsibility for the contents of the material. It does not check the facts, whether they are right or wrong or damaging.

Libraries follow the legal age limits of films and games.

Loan period and due date

The loan period of books as well as audio books is 28 days. The loan period of the most reserved books is 14 days (fast rotating). The loan period of magazines, recordings (music recordings, DVDs and Blu-ray records) as well as games (board and console games) is 14 days. The loan period of the quick loans is 7 days.

The due date of loans can be checked on the receipt you get or in the Web Library. The loan period ends on the due date, at the closing time of the library. It is possible to get a reminder in your email 1-5 days before the due date.

Loans must be returned or renewed before the due date even if there is no advance notice. The library is not responsible if the advance notice is not sent or if the client does not receive the it.


Loans can be returned to any Joki Library. The exceptions include interlibrary loans and items. They must be returned to the library in which they were borrowed. You can have a receipt for the return.

In some libraries there are drop boxes in which the loans can be returned when the library is closed. The client does that at his own risk. The loans returned to the drop boxes will be registered as returned on the next working day.


Loans can be renewed up to five times if there are no reservations and the library card includes the right to borrow material. Quick loans cannot be renewed. The loans can be renewed using the Joki Web Library, on-site at the library or by email or phone.


The material of the Joki Libraries can be reserved in the library or in the Joki Web Library. Reserving is free of charge. There can also be materials which cannot be reserved, eg. quick loans.

When the reserved material can be collected, you will be informed by an email, text message or by a letter. The material must be collected within 7 days after the message had been sent.

The library must be informed if you are not able to collect your reservation before the last date. If you fail to collect the reservation, you will be charged 1 euro.

Interlibrary loan

If the material needed is not found in the collections of the Joki Libraries, it can be ordered from elsewhere in Finland or abroad. The loan period and the fees of interlibrary loans are defined by the lending library.

Suspension of borrowing privileges

Borrowing privileges are suspended automatically if the debt or the invoiced material exceeds 15 euros. The client will get his rights back after returning the overdue loans or paying for the lost or damaged material.

Fees and debt collection

Overdue notices

The library sends the first overdue notice for the unreturned material after 7 days, the second after 21 days and the third after 35 days from the due day. The overdue notice is sent immediately after the due day in case it concerns quick loans and material which have been reserved.

The overdue notices are not free of charge except for the overdue notice for reserved material.


In case the material is 49 days late, the client will get an invoice. If the client is under 15 years of age, the invoice will be sent to the guardian.

If you still have the library material, it must be returned. If it is damaged or lost, it must be compensated, either by providing the library with the exact material or paying for the loss. Films cannot be compensated for copyright reasons. Instead, they are compensated by paying the purchase price.

Debt collection

In case of debt collection, the unpaid bill includes the price and collection charges. Collection charges vary depending on the municipality.

Loss of the right of usage

The clients of the library are not allowed to disturb the library staff or the users of the library. Furthermore, they are not allowed to disturb the atmosphere or endanger the security. The library staff has the right to ask the disturbing client to leave the library. The request must be obeyed immediately. The premises of the library are public, and they are meant to be used only for those purposes. The permission for some other use of the premises is given by the head of the library.

The head of the library or his substitute can order a temporary ban of operation to a client (up to 30 days) if the client causes disruption or jeopardizes the security of the library or damages the property of the library. The client must be heard before the ban. According to the law the client has the right to demand for rectification.

Loan periods

Books / audio books 4 weeks
Fast rotating books, magazines, CDs and games, videos 2 weeks
Quick loans 1 week
The loan periods of items on case-by-case basis.
Loan periods in mobile libraries can vary.
Renewals up to 5 times.

Loan amounts for specific materials:
Books, magazines 100 items
Recordings 25 items
Video recordings 10 items
Games 5 items


First library card is free of charge
New library card 1 €
First overdue notice 1 week from due date 2 €
Second overdue notice 3 weeks from due date 2 €
Third overdue notice 5 weeks from due date 2 €
Invoice 7 weeks from due date. Automatic suspension if invoiced material.
Overdue notice for reserved material immediately after due date 0 €
Overdue notice for quick loans immediately after due date 2 €
Borrowing privileges suspended if fines exceed 15 €
Reserving from Joki libraries is free. No limit for the number of reservations.
Fee for uncollected reservation 1  €. Pickup time 7 days, 15 days in mobile libraries. No fee is charged for the material of the children’s and youth department.
Interlibrary loan fee 0 €
Some libraries that send interlibrary loans may charge 5-10 €
Interlibrary loans for other libraries 0 €