All library users undertake to follow the library’s rules of use. The rules of use include rules pertaining to the library card, loan periods, fees and other practices.


Right of use and library cards

The right to use Kalajoki City Library includes the right to borrow items and the opportunity to use the library’s services, facilities and collections free of charge. The library is open to all who follow its rules of use.

All customers are provided with a library card, although customers under the age of 15 require a written permission from their parents. Library card application forms are available at the library and its website. Customers are required to present their identification when picking up their library card. The library card entitles you to borrow items from all service points of the library and all Tiekkö libraries. The loan periods, item-specific restrictions on the number of loans, overdue fees and rules of use vary between different Tiekkö libraries and service points.

The library card is a personal item, and its owner is responsible for the card and any items borrowed with it. The guardian is responsible for items borrowed by a customer under the age of 15. The library must be notified of any changes to the customer’s address and name as well as regarding a lost card. Customers can get a new library card to replace a lost card.


Loan periods and returning and renewing loans

Loan periods vary according to the item and service point. Borrowed items must be returned to the library or mobile library by the due date. Loans can be renewed up to six times at one of the library’s service points, via telephone or online unless the item has been reserved.


Reservations and interlibrary service

Customers can reserve library items that have been borrowed or that are available on the shelf. Items that are not available at Kalajoki Library can be borrowed regionally or as an interlibrary loan. Regional loans from Tiekkö libraries are transported once a week. Reservations, regional loans and interlibrary loans are subject to a service fee, and a possible additional fee may be charged for interlibrary loans by the sending library. Customers will be notified with a text message or via e-mail, telephone or mail once the reserved items can be picked up.


Late returns

An overdue fee is charged for items not returned by the due date, and this will be visible in the customer information.  Damaged or lost items must be reimbursed by paying the price of a replacement as determined by the library or by delivering a new similar item to the library. Any collection charges for items that are not returned are charged to the customer.


Borrowing ban

Users will lose their right to borrow items if their unpaid reservation and overdue fees exceed the upper limit determined under ‘Fees’ or if they fail to return or reimburse a borrowed item or otherwise violate these rules of use. The borrowing ban will be in force until the customer pays the accumulated fees and either returns or reimburses the borrowed items.


Customers can take initiatives

Customers can propose items that the library should procure in order to improve its catalogue. The library welcomes feedback and suggestions for developing the library’s operations.


Loan periods at Kalajoki Library

Main Library and Himanka Library:

  • books, sheet music, cassettes, audiobooks, language courses, recorded music and CD-ROMs 28 days
  • newspapers and magazines (the latest issue is not available for loan) 14 days
  • image recordings (videos, DVD movies) 7 days
  • quick loan 7 days, cannot be reserved or renewed
  • short-term loan of new books in high demand 14 days

Mobile library:

  • loan period of all library items 30 days

Electronic books:

  • 1 day / 7 days


Restrictions on the number of loans at Kalajoki Library

At any one time, a customer account may hold up to

  • 7 videos
  • 7 DVDs
  • 7 CD-ROMs
  • 7 audiobooks
  • 7 CDs


Online use, login name and password

The joint database of the Tiekkö libraries is available at

To view and renew your loans, make reservations online and read electronic books you will need a password that you can get from the library. Your library card number serves as your login name. A password may be provided to library customers over the age of 12.

When reserving items online, customers can choose whether to make a normal reservation from the catalogues of Kalajoki Main Library and its branch library or a regional reservation from the catalogues of Tiekkö libraries.


Electronic services

Customers can use the Naxos Music Library service to listen to music by logging in with their library card number.

The ePress service for reading magazines online is installed on the library’s public computers.



Reservations from the library’s own catalogue €0.50. Making reservations is free of charge for customers under the age of 15 and over 75.

Regional and interlibrary loans
Order fee €2

  • in addition, scientific libraries, as well as some public libraries and provincial archives, charge mailing and delivery fees for any interlibrary loans they send
  • in addition, a copying fee is charged for photocopies according to invoicing

Overdue fees

  • Reminder notifications, i.e. the first, second and third return requests, €1/notification
  • Overdue items €0.50/week/item (does not pertain to items in the section for children and young people)

The upper limit for reservation and overdue fees is €17. Exceeding this results in a borrowing ban.

Library card

  • A fee of €2 is charged for a new library card that replaces a lost card.

Other fees

  • Cases and bags for audiovisual material €6.50
  • Lost or damaged library items must be replaced according to the purchase price
  • Plastic bag €0.20

Copies and printouts according to the price list of the City of Kalajoki.