Rules and regulations

Tiekkö library network consists of the libraries of Alavieska, Kalajoki, Merijärvi, Nivala, Oulainen, Sievi and Ylivieska. The library collections, services and facilities are available to everyone who agree to follow these library rules and regulations. Tiekkö libraries have a shared customer and material database and library system.

Premises and opening hours

Tiekkö libraries and library services are available to everyone. Service points and opening hours can be found on the library websites and in the Tiekkö web library.

Tiekkö libraries have computers for customers and free Wi-Fi. The libraries are not responsible for any damage to customers’ equipment or hardware cause by the library computers or network.

Some libraries offer different types of rooms and spaces to rent for events. For more information, please visit your own library web site. If the event is organised in cooperation with the library, the room or space may be rented for free.

Using, borrowing and reserving library materials

Library cards are personal and used for identifying library customers. You will not be able to borrow material if you do not have your library card with you. A library card can be obtained from any Tiekkö library by presenting a valid ID card with your photo. You must also present your personal identity code and contact information. If you are under 15 years of age, you must bring a written registration form that your parent has filled.

Library cards are for personal use only. You are responsible for your card and any material borrowed with it. If you lose your library card or change your address or name, you must notify any of the Tiekkö libraries immediately.

In the Tiekkö web library, you can search and reserve material, renew your loans and check your own details. To log in to the web library, you need a PIN code that you can get at the Tiekkö libraries. PIN codes are only given in person.

Tiekkö libraries have both physical and digital material. The libraries are not responsible for the information contained in the library materials or any damage caused by the library materials. Loan periods and amounts can be found at the end of these rules and regulations. Loans can be renewed up to 6 times if there are no reservations. Certain restrictions apply to some materials. Tiekkö libraries comply with the age limits for films and games and do not lend materials for customers who are too young.

Reservations can be made at the libraries or online. Pickup notices are available by email, SMS or letter. Reserving is free of charge. Reservations must be collected within 7 days. If the material is not in collections of the Tiekkö libraries, you can order it from elsewhere in Finland or from abroad. Interlibrary loan fees and uncollected reservation fines can be found at the end of these rules and regulations.

Returning library materials

The loan period expires when the library closes on the due date. Loans must be renewed or returned on the due date. It is possible to get a receipt for your returned loan. If there is a return box in the library, you can, at your own risk, leave the materials you are returning in the box, if the library is closed. If you return a loan in the return box after the closing time of the library, your loan will be returned on the next working day.

Due dates for loans are found online at the web library and in the loan receipt. Customers can order email reminders to notify them about upcoming due dates. Customers are responsible for their loans even if the reminders or overdue notices sent by the library system do not reach the customer or are not sent due to maintenance of the library system. Tiekkö libraries will send an overdue notice and charge a fine for overdue loans. The first overdue notice will be sent 10 days after the due date and the second overdue notice 20 days after the due date. Overdue fines will start to accumulate 10 days after the due date. Charges can be found at the end of these rules and regulations. Unreturned items will be invoiced after 50 days. If the customer does not pay the invoice, the matter will be assigned to a debt collection agency that will collect the invoiced amount and any collection costs from the customer. Different Tiekkö libraries have different debt collection practices.

Customer responsibilities

Customers must handle library materials with care and not damage it.

Library users may not disrupt library operations, disturb other customers or library staff or jeopardize public security. Library staff have the right to ask a disruptive customer to exit the library and this request must be obeyed immediately.

Data protection

Tiekkö libraries have a shared customer and material database. The library is entitled to enter personal identity codes into their register of borrowers (Personal Data Act 523/1999, Section 13).

Customers have the right to check their personal information in the library’s customer register (Personal Data Act 523/1999, Section 10). Tiekkö library customer and loan information is not disclosed to third parties. The register description is available for viewing on the library websites.

Free services and paid services

Using, borrowing and reserving library material as well as guidance and advice provided by libraries are free of charge. Overdue fines and notices must be paid at the libraries. If materials are lost or damaged, you will have to replace the materials or pay a reimbursement fee. Films, digital games and software cannot be replaced by a new copy. In these cases, customers are to pay the price of a replacement.

Suspension of borrowing privileges

You will not be able to borrow or reserve materials or renew your loans if you have unpaid fees to the amount of 15 euros or more. Borrowing privileges are restored when the fines are paid, and the damaged or lost material has been compensated for. The maximum amount of overdue fines, overdue notices and uncollected reservation fees is 20 euros per customer. These fines and fees can be paid in any Tiekkö library. Organizational customers such as schools are exempt from these fines. Some Tiekkö libraries provide a home service, which means that they deliver library materials for the customer at home. For more information, contact your own library.

Suspension of library use

Repeatedly and substantially disrupting library operations, damaging library property or jeopardizing public security in a library can result in a suspension of library use. The director of the library may impose a library-specific suspension on a library user, maximum duration is 30 days. Before suspension of library use is implemented, both parties have the right to be heard and the decision can be appealed.

Loan periods

As of 1.7.2018

Loan periods
Books / audio books 4 weeks
Magazines 2 weeks
CDs and games 2 weeks
Videos 1 week
Short term loans 1 week
Loan periods in mobile libraries can vary
Renewals up to 6 times
Reservations 25 max

Loan amounts for specific materials
Books 100 items
Audio books 10 items
Magazines 50 items
DVD, VHS, Blu-ray 10 items
CDs 20 items
LPs 10 items
Games 5 items


First library card is free of charge
New library card 1 €
First overdue notice 10 days from due date 1,50 €
Second overdue notice 20 days from due date 2,00 €
Invoice 50 days from due date
Overdue fines € 0,10 / day / item
Overdue fines will start to accumulate 10 days after the due date
No overdue fines are collected for children and young people under the age of 15, only overdue notices
Eräpäivämuistutus sähköpostiin 0 €
Borrowing privileges suspended if fines exceed 15 €
Max amount of overdue fines/customer 20 €
Reserving from Tiekkö libraries is free
Overdue notice for reserved material 1,50 €, notice is sent immediately after due date
Fee for uncollected reservation 1,00 €. Pickup time 7 days, 15 days in mobile libraries
Some libraries that send interlibrary loans may charge 5-10 €
Interlibrary loans for other libraries 0 €
Interlibrary loan fee 0 €