Työllisyyspalvelut auttavat löytämään oman polun.

There are several nature trails and lean-tos in the city area.

The trails that are used for skiing in the winter are also great exercise trails for outdoor recreation and being active when there is no snow on the ground. You can find out more about the various options via the map service or the mski ski trail service.

Trail network in the Hiekkasärkät area

The Hiekkasärkät area features dozens of kilometres of wooden walkways and wood-chip covered exercise trails.

Maps are provided in the area and by tourism companies to help you choose a route of suitable length. There are several lean-tos and campfire huts along the routes where you can stop and rest.

One great site is the Poukama area in Vihasniemi. It includes a bird watching tower, renovated toilet facilities, a campfire hut, an open-air campfire site and an information point that provides information on the nature in the area. There is also a campfire hut on the ski centre’s grounds and a lean-to in Viitapakat. Firewood for the campfire is available at these locations. In the winter, a part of the route network is used by skiers. The trails allow both classic-style skiing and skate skiing.

Siiponjoki Nature Trail

The Siiponjoki Nature Trail is an excursion trail maintained by Kalajoen Latu ry. The nature trail provides the opportunity to take either a 10-kilometre or 20-kilometre-long route.

The trail starts at Tapion Tupa in the Hiekkasärkät tourism area, located at the address Matkailutie 3. The route travels toward the Särkijärvi Campfire Hut. Once there, you can choose between the shorter and longer routes. The longer route travels toward an attractive nature site in Siiponjoki. There are several resting places along the route. Of these, the Särkijärvi Campfire Hut is the best-equipped.

In the winter, snow conditions permitting, the City of Kalajoki maintains a 10-kilometre-long ski trail that travels to the Särkijärvi Campfire Hut. The ski trail is intended for classic-style skiing.

Bird watching trail and towers in Sautinkari

A nature trail starts in the Sautinkari area in Himanka and travels to the Meksi outcrop. The bird watching towers are located in Sautinkari and the Meksi outcrop. The trail connecting the bird watching towers is about two kilometres in length.

Pernu Recreation Area

A recreation area maintained by Himangan Urheilijat ry. The nature trails are 5–12 kilometres in length and there is a lean-to along both trails.

Roller skiing is possible on a 1-kilometre-long track. Illuminated exercise trails 0.5–4 kilometres. A shooting range that is suitable for the combined sport of shooting and cross-country running. The range can accommodate 20 shooters.

Ski trails

The ski trails are well-suited for nature excursions in the summer. Enjoy nature also at the following locations.

Ski centre

The sports park includes a shooting range that is suitable for the combined sport of shooting and cross-country running. The range can accommodate 20 shooters. There is also a shooting range that is suitable for the combined sport of cross-country running, distance estimation and shooting. It can accommodate 30 shooters.

Merenoja Sports Centre

A 6-kilometre-long illuminated exercise trail starts from the sports centre and travels to the Kotipuisto area.

Himanka Sports Park

The grounds of Himanka Sports Hall include illuminated exercise trails ranging from 1 to 5 kilometres in length.

Other sites

  • Illuminated Rautio Ski Trail
  • Rautio Municipal Cabin
  • Illuminated Typö Ski Trail
  • Illuminated Käännänkylä Ski Trail
  • Illuminated Rahja School Ski Trail