Parks and playgrounds serve the residents as outdoor recreation and sports facilities.

Playgrounds provide opportunities for children to play.

In the winter, playgrounds and parks can be used for outdoor recreation, playing in the snow and sledding. The playground equipment is not in use in the winter as snow and ice can make using the equipment unsafe: the surfaces may be slippery and the safety surfaces hard.

The playgrounds are not maintained in the winter.

Please notify us of any damaged playground equipment or other problem via the Give feedback link.

Parks and playgrounds in the population centre of Kalajoki

Name Address Area Park/playground
Ahertaja Park Ahertajantie 2–4 Central area playground
Fabritius Park Sorrontie 13–15 Plassi playground
Isoranta Park Jokirannantie 3–5 Isoranta park/playground
Jokipuisto Park Kalajoentie 3–5 Central area park/playground
Juseliuksenpuisto Park Juseliuksentie 3–5 Holmanperä playground
Kirkkopuisto Park Hautalantie 2 Junnikkalanmäki park
Lankila Park Pastorintie 5–7 Etelänkylä park/playground
Lontaani Park Tupalantie 7–9 Plassi park
Marttila Park Marttilantie 34–36 Central area park/playground
Merenoja Park Kummalantie 5–7 Central area park/playground
Nahkiaistie Park Nahkiaistie 16–18 Plassi playground
Neulaspuisto Park Neulastie 2–4 Itä-Ymmyrkäinen playground
Niittytie Park Niittytie 15–17 Central area playground
Pahkala Park Takkusentie 3–5 Etelänkylä playground
Palovainio Park Savimaantie 4–6 Central area playground
Pommipuisto Park Pommitie 6–8 Central area playground
Rauhanpuisto Park Rauhanpolku 1–3 Vuorenkallio playground
Seikkula Park Apulintie 6–8 Vuorenkallio playground
Siltasaarenpuisto Park Kalajoentie 41–43 Central area park
Tammi Park Tammentie 10–12 Central area playground
Tiirapuisto Park Tiiratie 6–8 Central area playground
Tohtori Park Tohtorintie 2–4 Plassi park/playground
Ymmyrkäinen Park Marjapolku Ymmyrkäinen playground
Skate park, local sports facility Koulupolku 1–3 Central area local sports facility
Varpusaari Park Kulmatie Varpusaari park/disc golf

Parks and playgrounds outside the population centre

Kaskelanpuisto Park Vanhatie Rautio playground
Pappilanpuisto Park Sievintie Rautio park
Maitomäki Park Hovitie 10–12 Rahja park/playground
Rahjankylä Playground Purontie 9–11 Rahja park/playground
Kielokallio Playground Kielokalliontie Tynkä playground
Kärmekallio Playground Isomäentie 2–4 Himanka park/playground
Luotsi Playground Luotsikuja 5–7 Himanka playground
Meri-Himanka Playground Merituulentie 22–24 Himanka playground
Pajala Playground Poikkitie 3–5 Himanka playground
Sautinkarintie Park Sautinkarintie Himanka playground
Säikkä Playground Säikäntie 2–4 Himanka parkland