There are dozens of kilometres of maintained ski trails around the city, most of which are illuminated.

The ski trails are kept illuminated until 9:30 pm. You can view the trail network in more detail on the mski ski trail service website, which provides an assessment of the condition of the ski trails as well as the date when they were last maintained.

Kalajoki Ski Centre/Hiekkasärkät area

Kalajoki Ski Centre and the Hiekkasärkät area feature a 1–40-kilometre-long network of ski trails that is maintained by the city.

The ski centre includes a shooting range that is suitable for biathlon and that can accommodate 20 shooters. There is also a shooting range that is suitable for the combined sport of skiing, distance estimation and rifle shooting. It can accommodate 30 shooters. The network of ski trails extends from the centre of Kalajoki to Viitapakat. The trails allow both skate skiing and classic-style skiing.

Snow conditions permitting, the ski trails are maintained with a snow groomer or a snowmobile during the day as necessary. On weekends, maintenance is carried out when there is enough snow for the type of maintenance work that is performed with a snow groomer. The only time the ski trails are not maintained is on Christmas Eve. Maintenance is performed when there is at least 4 cm of snow on the ground or if the network of trails has frozen over.

Ski tracks on ice

Ice and snow conditions permitting, ski tracks will be made on the ice off the coast of Hiekkasärkät, leading from Rahja to Poukama Campfire Hut in Vihasniemi.

Siiponjoki Nature Trail

The Siiponjoki Nature Trail that starts from Tapion Tupa is an excursion trail maintained by Kalajoen Latu ry. There are two optional routes: 10 km and 20 km.

Snow conditions permitting, the city maintains the 10-kilometre-long trail that is intended for classic-style skiing with a snowmobile used for snow grooming. No maintenance on weekends.

Merenoja Sports Centre

A 6-kilometre-long illuminated ski trail starts from the sports centre and travels to the Kotipuisto area. Both skate skiing and classic-style skiing are possible on the trail.

The ski trail is mainly maintained with an ATV with tracks. The trail is occasionally maintained on weekends.

Himanka Sports Park

The grounds of Himanka Sports Hall include illuminated exercise/ski trails that range from 1 to 5 kilometres. Both skate skiing and classic-style skiing are possible on the trail.

The ski trails are also maintained on weekends with a snow groomer.

Illuminated Rautio Ski Trail

The illuminated Rautio Ski Trail and Rautio Municipal Cabin are two separate ski trails that are also maintained on weekends.

Pernu Recreation Area

A recreation area maintained by Himangan Urheilijat ry. Illuminated ski trails 0.5–4 km. Biathlon, the shooting range accommodates 20 shooters.

Other locations

No maintenance on weekends.

  • Illuminated Typö Ski Trail
  • Illuminated Käännänkylä Ski Trail
  • Illuminated Rahja School Ski Trail

Ski trails at schools for PE lessons

  • Pohjankylä, Etelänkylä, Rautio and Tynkä Schools
  • Connecting ski trails lead from Vuorenkallio and Raumankari Schools to sports parks.