Nuorten Kalajoki 2015 messut

Ylivieska Music Institute offers lessons in musical instruments and singing in Kalajoki. Among other things, you can study the following instruments at the music academy:

  • viola
  • bassoon
  • accordion
  • flute
  • guitar
  • clarinet
  • singing
  • piano
  • drums
  • saxophone
  • cello
  • electric guitar
  • brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, French horn)
  • violin

Lessons primarily take place at Pohjankylä School. To study certain instruments, the students may be required to commute to Ylivieska. Students seeking admission to the music academy must pass the entrance examination. The entrance examination is held every spring at Pohjankylä School and it is announced in the local papers in March. Students of the music academy may be requested to perform at various events. Performance requests are accepted through the director of the Kalajoki unit. Contact information can be found in the right sidebar. Kalajoki also has music play school groups. The music play school groups meet at Etelänkylä School. To register a child for music play school, please contact the secretarial office. For more information on the music academy, see the sidebar on the right (below on mobile devices).