Jelppiverkko concept

Jelppiverkko (lit. help network) is a motivational service for young people that aims to assist young people in finding solutions to the problems in their lives. The target group of Jelppiverkko primarily comprises young people between the ages of 13 and 28 who do not have a vocational qualification, study place or a job. The activities are voluntary and free of charge to young people.

The young people determine themselves which matters they want assistance with. The challenges in their lives can be related to finding a study place and a job, coping in daily life, substance use or mental health, among other things. Sometimes young people require help filling in forms or running errands at a government office. Young people can turn to Jelppiverkko for help in all matters, big or small. Making contact is enough, as a customer relationship is established with Jelppiverkko according to the low-threshold principle. The parents of a young person can also contact Jelppiverkko. The work ends once the goals have been reached or if the young person wants to end the work.

Young people can also become customers of Jelppiverkko online. Close cooperation with other actors is the best way to advance the young person’s affairs. The most important actors in this work include social services, substance abuse and mental health services, KELA, educational institutions, TE services and the Finnish Defence Forces, among others. Cooperation with the network is based on consent given by the young person. Through this cooperation, young people are given the assistance they need and they can make their voices heard with the support of a Jelppiverkko employee.

Jelppiverkko is an operational model created by the youth services of several municipalities, and it is used as a channel for outreach youth work and workshops without walls. Jelppiverkko operates in the municipalities of Alavieska, Haapavesi, Kalajoki, Merijärvi, Oulainen, Sievi and Ylivieska in the Ylivieska region. In addition to the municipalities in the region, the activities are also funded by the Regional State Administrative Agency of Northern Finland and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Outreach youth worker

Outreach youth work is carried out on a national level. The purpose of outreach youth work is to seek out young people under the age of 29 who are outside the reach of services. An initial assessment is made with the young person and he or she is then directed to the appropriate services. An important part of outreach work is to provide support in various transition phases and provide the young person with access to the new service. This work is carried out according to the low-threshold principle and by genuinely facing the young people.

Personal coach

The personal coach at a workshop without walls provides young people with guidance on a longer-term basis. The personal coach supports young people when they consider their own path into education and employment. The personal coach can accompany young people when they visit government offices or attend meetings. The personal coach is also in charge of organising group activities.