List of exposure locations in Kalajoki 30.7.-6.8.2021

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If you have visited these exposure locations, please observe yourself for any symptoms and book an appointment for coronavirus testing even if they only have only mild symptoms. After the test social contacts should be avoided until the test result is ready.

30.7. and 31.7. Viihdekeskus / Restaurant Merisärkkä (evenings)
31.7. Kalajoki beach football event Beachfutis
2.8. Gym Tatsi Hiekkasärkät around 7-8 pm
3.8. Kalajoki S-Market at about 9 pm
4.8. Kalajoki S-Market, Kalajoki Halpa-Halli and Tokmanni (exact time unknown)
5.8. Kalajoki Pharmacy at 9 am, K-market Herkkutori at 5 pm
6.8. K-Market Herkkutori and Kalajoki Pharmacy from 11-11.30 am
5.-6.8. Rautio grocery store

2 new cases of corona virus infections have been reported in Kalajoki on 9.8.2021. 9 out of the last 12 infections (reported between 7.-9.8.21) are linked to Viihdekeskus Merisärkkä, 2 infections are linked to entering Finland and 1 case is related to the previously reported chain.

In addition to these, the local health authorities have been notified of infections in other towns that are related to Kalajoki and the weekend of July 30-July 31, 2021.