Kalajoki City public sewerage system

The pumping station in the Plassi area has had to be serviced four (4) times in a short time. Every ti-me, the reason for the service has been a nappy/diaper, which has clogged the drain and has blocked the pump station.

COVID-19 passport

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The COVID-19 passport is the EU Digital COVID Certificate, which can be downloaded from Omakanta (My Kanta Pages). You can obtain a COVID-19 passport, i.e. a certificate of vaccinations received, a test result or a certificate of recovery from the Omakanta (My Kanta Pages) service using your online banking ID, by printing or downloading the certificate to a mobile phone, for example.

Recommendations and restrictions in Kalajoki 26.11.-25.12.2021

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The Regional State Administrative Agency of Northern Finland prohibits public events and general meetings of more than 20 people indoors. Operators can hold events for more than 20 people by requiring an over-16-year-old to present an EU Digital COVID Certificate in order to attend a public event.