List of exposure locations in Kalajoki 30.7.-6.8.2021

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If you have visited these exposure locations, please observe yourself for any symptoms and book an appointment for coronavirus testing even if they only have only mild symptoms. After the test social contacts should be avoided until the test result is ready.

Covid-19 vaccinations

Covid-19 vaccinations are proceeding well at Kalajoki. Below you can find more information about schedule etc.

Food poisonings and complaints

If you, as a customer, suspect that you have gotten food poisoning, please notify the food control authorities of this as soon as possible. If you have any of the suspected food left, …

Food establishments

The term food establishment refers to professional transport of food, food storage, cafes, kiosks, bakeries, stores, online stores that sell food, restaurants, institutional catering and regular outdoor sale of food, among other things. …

Public health surveillance

Director of Environmental Health Care, Ville Soininen , tel. 044 4691 229 monitoring facilities and primary production across the entire area of operation Health inspector, Pirjo Prokkola, tel. 044 4691 274 food control, …

Environmental health care

Ympäristöterveydenhuolto huolehtii ihmisten terveydestä ja ympäristöstä.

The role of environmental health care is to maintain and promote the population’s health and prevent, reduce and remove factors that could pose a risk or cause damage to people’s health and living …