Covid-19 vaccinations

Covid-19 vaccinations are proceeding well at Kalajoki. Below you can find more information about schedule etc.

Corona virus bulletin 18.5.2021

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There are two possible exposure places: Halpa-Halli and Tokmanni 12.5. and bus line from Rautio to Kalajoki. Please read the details from the article.

Updated coronavirus instructions 17.5.2021-30.5.2021

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In the end of last week there has occurs several infection and exposure chains in Kalajoki, which are related to the so called Kokkola infection chains.

During week 19, a total of 4 infections were discovered in Kalajoki. These infections have taken place in a private event and within families. These have led to mass exposures in various schools in Kalajoki. Mass exposures have also occurred among the youth in Himanka.

At least some of the people have been exposed to the ‘Indian variant’, which has proven to be significantly more transmissible.

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