Hotel/restaurant property in Himanka

Premise description

The hotel/restaurant property is situated in a planned area in the Himanka locality some 28 kilometres from the centre of Kalajoki. Himanka features all basic services and a health centre. Other municipal services can be found in the centre of Kalajoki.

The property has active connections to the electrical, water, sewer and district heating networks.

The property includes a two-storey hotel/restaurant building, which contains a restaurant hall, pub, cabinet, restaurant toilets, restaurant kitchen and storage spaces, sauna and service facilities in the basement, and six accommodation rooms upstairs. The front of the building features a terrace, and a covered terrace is situated in the backyard.

The plot is 3,713 m² in size and mostly paved with asphalt. There are 5 posts in the yard with electrical outlets for cars. In addition to this, there is a grass-covered strip in the backyard.

The area is governed by the effective Himanka local detailed plan, and the plot has been zoned as a block including commercial buildings. The total building right is for 1,400 m², and a two-storey building can be constructed on the land. The plot is located in the heart of the Himanka centre by Finnish national road 8.