Recommendations and restrictions in force in Kalajoki from 16 June 2021


The following recommendations and restrictions have entered into force in Kalajoki on 16.6.2021. These recommendations and restrictions are in force for now.

Mask recommendations (to everyone over the age of 12)

  • in public transport
  • when going to get tested for COVID-19 and if you need move outside of home before the test result is ready
  • when returning to Finland from a high-risk country and on the way to quarantine. Also if it is necessary to move outside home during the quarantine.
  • Personnel, patients and visitors in hospitals and in all other social and health care facilities.
  • You can also wear a face mask in any other situation where social distancing is not possible.

Senior citizens and high-risk groups

  • Think carefully before visiting elderly persons or persons who belong to a high-risk group. It is recommended to wear a face mask and maintain good hand hygiene during visits.
  • If you want to visit an inpatient ward or a service housing unit, arrange the visit with the staff in advance.

Recommendation for remote work and remote meeting practices

  • We recommend to work remotely insofar as possible.
  • Remote meeting policies should be implemented as extensively as possible both at workplaces and for leisure meetings


We are following the current Government guidelines.