Restrictions and recommendations in force until 23 May 2021

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The following restrictions and recommendations are in force until 23 May 2021.

The guidelines and restrictions may change rapidly due to changes made to the national guidelines or the recommendations of the coronavirus coordination group of Northern Ostrobothnia.

Public events

The Regional State Administrative Agency for Northern Finland has decided that participant number for public indoor and outdoor events and meetings in the area of the municipalities of Northern Ostrobothnia is 20 persons.

Public facilities

Most of the public facilities administered by the City of Kalajoki will remain closed, with the exception of indispensable services. When using the services, it is recommended to use face mask, also the ones who have already received the vaccine.

  • Virta-Sali, Kahvila Kirja, Ventelä house, museums and exhibition facilities are open.
  • The City Hall will remain closed.
  • The libraries are closed 10-23.5.2021 due to the renewal of the database.
  • The spa will stay open under special arrangements. The number of people allowed inside and their swimming time are limited. Customers are recommended to use a face mask in the spa hallways and dressing rooms. The spa provides more information about these special arrangements.

Group hobby activities

  • In all indoor group hobby activities it is recommended to follow safety distance regulations and use face masks when possible.
  • The group hobby activities of children and people under 18 are allowed to continue. Teams and established groups are allowed to train and practice together as long as participants and their parents can keep the recommended distance to each other as adviced by the Finnish institute for Health and Welfare (THL).
  • Group activity organisers must observe the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and ensure that the participants and those accompanying them avoid close contact with each other.
  • The regional coordination group outlined that group hobbies for people over the age of 18 can continue in the area starting from Monday 17th of May.
  • Where possible, special training arrangements are made for competitive and top-level athletes. Matches and competitions for licensed athletes organised by sport associations are allowed when following the participant restrictions.
  • Open youth centre activities are open. All participants must wear a face mask and take care of safety distances.

Senior citizens and high-risk groups

Visits to care institutions should be considered and must always be arranged in advance with the staff. Make sure that you are fully healthy before visiting a care institution. The measures comply with the instructions of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). When visiting care units one should wear mask and take care of hygiene.

Teaching arrangements

  • The first and second grade students of the upper secondary school will continue their studies in contact teaching taking in consideration the safety distances and mask recommendations.
  • Adult Education Centre courses will not continue this spring.
  • Private training of children and young people at the Music School and the Adult Education Centre will continue normally.
  • Only one family is allowed to the corridor of early childhood education and care units. Only one guardian is allowed to go inside. The guardian should be symptomless and wear a mask. When bringing in and picking up children one must take safety distances in consideration.
  • When bringing in and picking up children from daycare it is recommended to spend as little time as possible in the premises and area. The guardians can hand out their children to the unit and the personnel will help the children with taking off their outerwear.

Remote work and remote meeting practices

All employees must work remotely insofar as possible. Remote meeting policies will continue to be applied as extensively as possible both at workplaces and for leisure meetings.

Mask recommendations (for people over 12 years old)

  • At all times in public transport and other public means of transport (such as cabs)
  • On your way to coronavirus testing, and if you must leave your home while waiting for the test results
  • Those arriving in Finland from a high-risk region when moving from the entry location to voluntary quarantine, or if they have an essential reason to leave home during voluntary quarantine
  • Health care personnel in all patient work. The recommendation also applies to patients, family members, students and visitors.
  • At all times in public indoor spaces and at public events, including schools and educational institutions from the upper comprehensive school upwards
  • At the facilities of private service providers (stores, banks, etc.)
  • Comprehensive school students from the 7th grade upwards and students of secondary and higher education institutions (including upper secondary schools)
  • At all indoor workplaces where masks can be worn.
  • Parents should wear a mask when bringing in and picking up their children from daycare units and hobbies.

Private events

  • We recommend that private events are not held during this time. If an event is organised, it is recommended to limit the participants to 20 people.
  • Whenever possible hold distance meetings.
  • When having private events, remember safety distances, wearing masks and other hygiene recommendations to prevent the corona virus from spreading.


In compliance with the Government guidelines.

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City of Kalajoki