The vaccinations take place at Kalajoki Health Centre. In Himanka and in Merijärvi the vaccinations are given at the child health centres (neuvola). The COVID-19 vaccinations are carried out in the order determined by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Vaccination appointments can be booked electronically or via telephone (number given below).


  • Kalajoki Health Centre, Tohtorintie 4, 85100 Kalajoki
  • Himanka Child Health Centre, Kannuskyläntie 13, 68100 Himanka
  • Merijärvi Child Health Centre, Kirkkotie 6, 86220 Merijärvi

Appointment booking

Electronic booking

At present, the electronic booking system is only available in Finnish. Booking an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination electronically requires strong identification using online bank user identifiers, a mobile ID or an ID chip card.

In order to use electronic services, you will need to make an electronic service contract. Book a vaccination appointment electronically via this link.

Booking an appointment via telephone

You can also book an appointment via telephone.

Telephone booking is open Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. on 044 4691 532. Please use only this number if you want to book an appointment!

Who are currently being vaccinated

Appointments for over 12-year-olds

At present, all residents of Kalajoki and Merijärvi over 12 years of age can book an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination at Kalajoki Health Centre, Himanka Child Health Centre or Merijärvi Child Health Centre.

The COVID-19 vaccine offers protection against the Coronavirus disease and especially against its severe forms. The vaccinations are voluntary and free of charge.

Appointments are added as we receive more vaccines. The vaccine used depends on which vaccine product is available at the time.

The booking systems (electronic and telephone) are only used to book an appointment for the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. The appointment for the booster dose is made on the spot during the the first vaccination or you can book it yourself if 6-8 weeks has past from the first one.

The vaccinations take place at Kalajoki Health Centre. Separate vaccination days will be organised at the child health centres in Himanka and Merijärvi, and you will be informed of the dates when booking an appointment.

Clients of home care

Home care nurses take care of the vaccination of those in home care. Clients of home care who have already booked a vaccination appointment can go and get vaccinated at the health centre assisted by a carer/family member.

If you are not a client of home care and, due to diminished capacity, cannot come to the Health Centre for the vaccination either by yourself or assisted, you can ask for a home visit on 044 4691 5690 or via email at

When arriving for your vaccination appointment:

  • You will be informed of the location when booking the appointment.
  • The vaccine will be injected into the deltoid muscle (upper arm). Please wear something that is easy to remove, e.g. a t-shirt under a jacket.
  • Please wear a face mask, and go to your vaccine appointment only when healthy.

Additional information about COVID-19 vaccinations can be found on the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)