Prescriptions are renewed by health care services within 8 days. If a prescription renewal request is not processed within this period, the request expires. If the prescription cannot be renewed, the health care unit will inform you of this. Electronic prescriptions are accepted in all pharmacies and are never lost. With an electronic prescription, you can get your medicine at any pharmacy. The pharmacy will check the Prescription Centre to see what medicine has been prescribed to you and you can then purchase your medicine. Bring your patient instructions or, for example, your KELA card when visiting a pharmacy. Bringing your patient instructions will speed up the process. If you do not have your patient instructions with you, you can also get your medicine by showing your KELA card, for example. You can usually already get KELA reimbursement for medicine expenses at the pharmacy. The pharmacy checks your right to compensation with KELA’s direct compensation inquiry service.

Via My Kanta

You can send a renewal request for an electronic prescription to health care services via My Kanta at

Via a pharmacy

You can request the renewal of an electronic prescription at a pharmacy. You can also inquire about the status of your request in person at a pharmacy. You will be notified of the renewed prescription with a text message if you have provided your mobile number when submitting your request.

Via a health centre

You can also submit a request to renew your prescription to a health centre no later than two weeks before your medicine runs out, tel. 044 4691 505.