Himanka Health Station (address: Kannuskyläntie 13, Himanka) will operate from 19 March 2020 onwards on weekdays 8 am–4 pm as the infection appointment unit for ALL RESIDENTS OF KALAJOKI. The unit will ONLY see clients with flu symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, severe cold, earache, chest pain, muscle pain, breathing difficulties).

All other clients will be directed to Kalajoki Health Centre.

The reception at Merijärvi Health Station will be closed as of 18 March 2020.  Residents of Merijärvi can contact the following health care service numbers.

Initial contact should always be established by phone:
Himanka Health Station / appointment booking tel. +358 (0)44-4691 803
Himanka Health Station / information and advice tel. +358 (0)44-4691 802
Kalajoki Health Centre / appointment booking tel. +358 (0)44-4691 502
Kalajoki Health Centre / information and advice tel. +358 (0)44-4691 505


Dental care

Urgent care:
If you have flu symptoms or you have or someone close to you has returned from abroad within the last 14 days, only the most urgent and necessary dental care will be carried out to you at Himanka Health Station (address: Kannuskyläntie 13, Himanka).
Other non-urgent appointments will be carried out at Merijärvi Health Station or Kalajoki Health Centre.

Non-urgent care:
Please cancel non-urgent appointment if:
– you are over 70 years old
– you have long-term illness or chronic health condition
– someone close to you has the flu (until the patient has had 2 full days without any symptoms)
– you have returned or someone close to you has returned from abroad within the last 14 days
– you may have been or someone close to you may have been exposed to the coronavirus infection

Initial contact should always be established by phone:
Dental care / emergency care for pain tel. +358 (0)44-4691 547
Dental care / appointment booking and advice tel. +358 (0)44-4691 507


Maternity and child health services

The Kalajoki Maternity and Child Health Clinic (address: Koppeli, Kalajoentie 6) will take appointments for those who are pregnant and children under the age of one. Due to the state of emergency, those who are pregnant may come to the appointment alone and children under the age of one will be received with one parent or guardian. Home visits are restricted.

The operations of Himanka and Rautio Maternity and Child Health Clinics are suspended as of 19 March 2020. Appointments for those who are pregnant or have children under the age of one and live in Himanka or Rautio, will be carried out at the Kalajoki Maternity and Child Health Clinic.

Merijärvi Maternity and Child Health Clinic will continue to carry out appointments for those who are pregnant and children under the age of one from Monday to Wednesday.

All other health checks and non-urgent appointments are cancelled.

Contact numbers if necessary:
Appointment booking tel. +358 (0)44-4691 557
Kalajoki Child Health Clinic, tel +358 (0)44-4691 420
Kalajoki Maternity Clinic, tel +358 (0)44-4961 533
Merijärvi Maternity and Child Health Clinic, tel +358 (0)44-4691 724


Rehabilitation and therapy

Rehabilitation and therapy will be suspended.

If you have an urgent need regarding therapy or assistive devices, please contact:
tel. +358 (0)44-4691 470 Kalajoki
tel. +358 (0)44-4691 824 Himanka
tel. +358 (0)44-4691 722 Merijärvi
tel. +358 (0)44-4691 471 urgent physical therapy, non-risk groups


Osviitta mental health and substance abuse services

Limited operations, appointments will be carried out primarily as virtual appointments. Contact number for new clients: +358 (0)444691315



Services for families and children

Services for families and children will be limited to emergency social services in urgent child welfare matters on weekdays 8 am–4 pm. Initial contact should always be established by phone, tel. +358 (0)44-4691 552 or +358 (0)44-4691 360. Outside of office hours, emergency social services are available via the national emergency number 112.

The social counsellor for services for the disabled can be reached by phone at tel. +358 (0)44-4691 855.

Work and activity services

Duunipaikka and Comprehensive Service Centres Maakari and Kuunari are closed.

Housing services
Short-term care in housing services is not recommended, essential care is centralised as follows:
– residents of Kalajoki are only provided with care at Mäntyrinne
– residents of Merijärvi are only provided with short-term care at Salmenranta
– special needs groups are only provided with short-term care at Puistola.

In short-term care matters, please contact the service counsellor, tel +358 (0)44-4691 842.

Long-term housing services places are only granted in urgent situations.

Services provided at home

Home care is ensured for all clients. Non-urgent appointments may need to be cancelled.
Information desk Verkko at the main library is closed to customer appointments. The operating hours of the service coordination unit’s telephone service are extended to weekdays 8 am–1 pm, tel. +358 (0)44-4691 595.

Day activities for the elderly are suspended.

Home delivery meals will be delivered on the agreed upon days primarily to the cool box in front of the front door. Any questions about the meal delivery services should be directed to tel. +358 (0)44-4691 595.



The Government resolution recommends that parents and guardians that can care for their children at home will do so. If you cannot take care of your child at home, you may take a healthy child to early childhood education even if you are not working in fields critical to the functioning of society. The situation is monitored carefully, and recommendations will be updated if necessary.

During the state of emergency (18.3. – 13.4.2020), the invoices for children in Kalajoki Early Childhood Education will compensate child absence days in similar fashion to Christmas holidays. Please mark the absence days to DaisyNet immediately. For weeks 13-14, please notify the days to your own day care centre or family day care.

If your child is in a private early childhood education centre, please contact the place directly to ask about the absence days and compensation.

We will provide further information if the situation changes.



All comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools are closed.

As of 23rd March 2020, all children from 1st-3rd grade can come to the school. However, this does not mean that pupils has to go to the school, it is strongly recommended that pupils will participate in remote teaching at home if possible.

Parents of the pupils at Kalajoki from 1st – 3rd grade who want to go to the school on Monday 23rd of March, will have to inform the Headmaster of the school at Wilma by the Saturday 21st of March at 16.00 o´clock. Specially this is important for the pupils who are at school transportation system as most the the normal transportation is cancelled due to corona virus circumstances. Parents will be informed about the school transportation directly at Wilma. In case pupils from 1st – 3rd grade choose to go to the school, they should come to their own school on Monday 23rd.

Besides this, also the following children can come to school:
– special support pupils, grades 1st – 9th

All other pupils will participate in remote teaching at home.



All service of Kalajoki Academy are closed as of 18 March 2020 (libraries, Virta Hall, Ventelä House, adult education centre groups, sports groups, youth centres, Café Kirja, ice hall, spa, indoor sports venues).



Critical work:

The Finnish Government has defined the personnel considered critical for the functioning of Finnish society by administrative branch (in Finnish).

KALAJOKI CITY HALL AND HIMANKA SERVICE OFFICE are closed from 18 March to 13 April 2020.
Employees can be reached by phone and e-mail. Contact information is available at