The child welfare supervisor handles all matters pertaining to determining the paternity of children born outside of marriage and verifies agreements pertaining to child maintenance, care, housing and visitation rights.

Acknowledgement of paternity is the process of verifying the relationship between a child born outside of marriage and his or her father.

In the event of the parents’ divorce or acknowledgement of the child’s paternity, the parents must decide how the child’s care is arranged. In the event of a divorce, the parents can retain joint custody or agree for one of the parents to have full custody. Once the parents have reached an agreement regarding the child’s care, the agreement is verified by the child welfare supervisor.

The child has the right to meet with both parents if they are not living together. The parents can agree upon meetings orally or make a written agreement, which is verified by the child welfare supervisor.

The parents are responsible for their child’s maintenance.  If the child’s parents are not living together, the parent living elsewhere usually fulfils his or her maintenance obligation with monthly maintenance payments. The child welfare supervisor can verify a child maintenance agreement if the parents agree upon its content.

Child maintenance allowance can be paid for a child if the child’s paternity has not been confirmed; the parent under the maintenance obligation has neglected to make his or her confirmed maintenance payments; the child support has not been confirmed due to the parent’s inability to provide it; or the amount of child support has been confirmed to be less than the child maintenance allowance due to the aforementioned reason. Child maintenance allowance is provided by KELA.