Preventive family work is comprehensive, systematic and long-term support provided for families with children. Family work does not require a referral or for the family to be a customer of child welfare.

The purpose of family work is to support the life management skills of families and the utilisation of their own resources and to improve their coping in daily life. The aim is to establish a functional daily lifestyle and improve the family’s well-being. Preventive family work is free of charge, and a family can receive this service up to ten times, after which the achieving of the goals is reassessed.

Family work with families expecting a child

The purpose of family work with families expecting a child is to prepare for the child’s birth and the change in the family’s daily lifestyle which the child will cause. The service is primarily intended for families expecting their first child, but it can also be provided for families expecting another child. The service is free of charge to families. The family worker will visit the family 3–5 times, the first of which will take place approximately one month before the birth of the child. You can also request further information from a nurse at a maternity and child health clinic.