Temporary home care service can be arranged as a municipal service where possible for families with underage children on the following grounds:

  • a parent’s serious illness or injury
  • some other sudden crisis, such as an accident, sudden death of a family member, child examinations, an illness that requires both parents or the only parent to be present at a hospital, etc.
  • serious complications related to pregnancy or childbirth
  • when two or more children are born to the family and there are special circumstances in the family situation
  • serious illness or disability of the child (the home care service provides assistance until a more permanent form of care can be arranged)
  • not granted for the care of a child with a sudden illness when the parents are entitled to temporary care leave to look after the sick child
  • not granted for visits to maternity and child health clinics
  • a parent’s own treatment-related visits to the hospital or therapy provider, for example (the home care service cannot continuously provide care, which is why it only provides assistance until the family can arrange a more permanent form of care)
  • when a child’s examination, treatment for an illness or rehabilitation requires the presence of one parent at the hospital, for example, and the other parent is unable to look after the other child left at home due to work or studies and Kalajoki is unable to arrange day care for the period in question

Eligibility criteria

  • The home care service is provided on a fixed-term basis for 1–3 months at a time, one month at first for new customers
  • minimum of 2 h/day granted
  • in an acute situation, the decision is made based on the available information on the same day or at the latest on the weekday following the day the service provider is contacted
  • if the service is insufficient for the family’s needs, the family becomes a customer of preventive family work or the family’s situation is assessed by a social worker/family counsellor from child welfare


Applying for the home care service

In order to receive the service, customers must contact a social worker who will assess the need for the service and decide on the granting of the home care service. The social worker can be contacted by phone or by making a personal visit.


Price of the home care service

The home care service is subject to a fee.