Official instructions for the competition

1. Organiser

The competition is organised by the City of Kalajoki (Business ID: FI01859247) together with advertising agency NTRNZ media Oy.

By participating in this competition, participants commit to following these rules and conditions as well as any decisions concerning the competition.

2. Participation

All private individuals can take part in the competition, with the exception of people employed by the City of Kalajoki or any partners that are participating in organising this competition. The lower age limit of this competition is 13, which is required by the user terms of Instagram.

You can participate in the competition by publishing five posts (photos or videos) on Instagram. These posts should follow the themes defined in the competition’s instructions, which describe why Kalajoki is a special city. Participants should also use the following hashtags for their posts: #sometatonni, #kalajoki and your theme hashtag, such as #vahvaviidentähdenkaupunki.

We hope that the participants will post bold, impressive and personal photos that reflect a positive spirit. The purpose of the posts should not be to collect negative likes or publicity. The participant should remove any inappropriate aspects or messages from the posts.

Please note that we can only see the posts of public user accounts. You can only take part in the competition on Instagram during the time period defined in the competition instructions.

3. Themes

  • Strong five-star city
  • Entrepreneurial flow and work
  • Lovely plots and homes
  • Plenty of services
  • Activities for all
  • Fantastic nature
  • Eventful city
  • Active and developing city
  • A home for your whole life
  • Wonderful city centre
  • Theme of your choice

4. Participation period

The participation period starts on 22 June 2017 at 00:01 am and ends on 5 August 2017 at 11:59pm. After this period, any received posts will not be taken into consideration for the competition.

5. Prizes and announcing the winner

The winner of the competition will be selected from among all the participants who have published at least five posts. A representative of the advertising agency will make a proposal regarding the winner, and the final selection will be agreed by the city’s brand marketing team. The prize is €1,000 in specifically selected gift vouchers. The winner can select the vouchers after the selection process. The vouchers cannot be exchanged for money or other goods.

The winner will be chosen after the competition period has ended, and the award ceremony will be held during the Venetian Festival on 25–27 August 2017. The amount of likes the posts have and their content will be the determining factors when selecting the winner. The winner will be announced after the competition period and they will be initially contacted through Instagram. If the winner cannot be reached at least five (5) days before the award ceremony, the prize will be awarded to the participant who came second in the competition.

If the winner has broken the rules or conditions of this competition or has in any way acted against the law, they will be disqualified. The City of Kalajoki will disqualify all contestants who have been proven to act in a manner that decreases the winning chances of other competitors.

6. Liabilities

The prize will not be counted as taxable income for the winner. The City of Kalajoki is liable for any possible taxes connected to the prize and the winner is responsible for notifying the tax administration of the prize. The prize winner is liable for all other costs related to accepting or using the prize or participating in the competition.

The prize winner shall release the City of Kalajoki from all liabilities which are caused or claimed to have been caused as a result of participation in this competition or acceptance of the prize. However, this release from liability does not compromise the consumer’s rights as defined in the Consumer Protection Act.

7. Rights to the material related to the competition

If the participant posts material on Instagram using the competition themes and hashtags, the participant grants the City of Kalajoki the right to use the posted material in their marketing and in different channels without separate consent or compensation. The participant is responsible for ensuring that the material used in the competition does not violate any third parties or any people shown in the posts.

The participant is also responsible for ensuring that sufficient consent has been acquired from any and all people shown in the published materials.

8. Processing and using personal information

The participant shall grant the City of Kalajoki the right to use the winning participant’s name, photos/videos, and/or statements in the materials related to the competition in different media channels without separate consent or compensation.

Further information: Teemu Heinonen,