Status of the coronavirus epidemic in Kalajoki


After a peaceful summer, coronavirus infections in Finland have increased during August and September. Local exposures, even extensive ones, have occurred in different parts of the country, showing that the coronavirus epidemic must still be taken seriously.

Epidemic situation

So far, the number of infections in the Kalajoki region has not exceeded the publicity threshold (5 or more cases). Excluding the local mass exposures and clusters of the disease in Raahe and Kainuu, the situation has remained calm throughout the hospital district. The exposure chains are often long, however, and exposures in another area may also reach Kalajoki through different people. Therefore, preventative measures are of the utmost importance in order to keep the disease situation in check.

Testing and the infection appointment unit

Kalajoki has invested in testing. At the moment, you can get tested on the next business day at the latest, and the results of the test are available within 1–2 days on average.

In Kalajoki, the testing is done at the drive-in coronavirus testing station in Ymmyrkäinen in addition to the Himanka infection appointment unit. All examinations and treatment of those with symptoms of an infection are still done in Himanka; you can contact the Himanka unit by phone. The assessment of the need for treatment before testing is also done by phone.

Impact on services

In the current situation, outsiders are not allowed to visit schools or day care centres. This restriction also applies to the parents of children and young people. Face masks have been provided for students over 15 years of age for use during school transport.

The national instructions on the use of protective equipment and receiving outside guests are followed in housing services and at the inpatient ward. Visits must always be arranged in advance with the staff in order to limit the number of visitors. Each unit provides more detailed instructions on the procedure to be followed during the visit and any protective equipment that may need to be used during the visit.

The general instructions on safety and hygiene are followed in all activities. Services should only be used while healthy, and sufficient safe distances and good hand and coughing hygiene must be followed when meeting other people. Using a face mask is recommended in situations in which keeping a safe distance is not possible.

Impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the economy

The financial situation of the City of Kalajoki is strong. The estimated impact of the coronavirus on tax revenue, reduction of operating profit and increase of operating costs in 2020 is EUR 4 million, for which EUR 3 million of government support has been received. The solid financial foundation of Kalajoki and the fact that our social and health care services are within the same city organisation make communication and the flexible handling of matters easier. Companies in Kalajoki have received a total of EUR 4 million in support from different sources due to the coronavirus.

In conclusion

Chief Physician Anu Eskelinen:

“I hope that people will keep taking preventative measures. Keeping a safe distance and ensuring good hand and coughing hygiene is extremely important.  You should only go to public places if you are healthy and follow the instructions on hygiene very carefully. In case you experience symptoms, you should not hesitate to contact the infection appointment unit so that the need for testing can be assessed.”

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Anu Eskelinen
Chief Physician